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Asiaworks and Wrestling?

ZEO said...

1 thing that you'll be seeing is those trainer from the past LPs smiling non stop.
Ya, it's like brainwashing or rehab but for the benefit of the participant.
I dont see any cult-like behaviour during basic.
1 thing that I couldnt stand is after finish the basic, they kept calling asking me to continue. Untill that 1 time I cant stand so I switch off the handphone. hahaa

The funny part is they use rick flair opening theme song on every starting session.

Eh, ZEO, brainwashing IS cult-like behavior. Question is, do you sense any change in yourself or in others?

Perhaps they advocate watching wrestling? Hmmm.. I wonder if Asiaworks is part of WWF? Oops, no offence intended for our dear WWF fans! :-o

Smiling non-stop, eh? I wonder if it gets the mandible muscles all worked out...


Jul 12, 2005, 12:10:00 PM Poulotte said...

I attended Asiaworks many many years ago. I was in LP8. IMHO, the training is good.

Well, it is not a cult. No practices or no worshipping any gods or no sacrificing anything in that sense.

Brainwashing? Perhaps to some people it is. Because this is what happen. It suppose to open ur blinkers or widen ur box or ur paradigm. So, it will show you what it is like in the opposite point of view.

If you are someone who is quiet and reserve, trust me, they will make you talk and express. If you are someone who talk a lot and sorta love to be the center of the attention, they will let you experience what is it like to shaddap and listen to others for once.

It is taking you out of ur comfort zone. Some people will have a sudden realisation that they can actually do those things that they always thot they can't once given the opportunity experience the things they will never do if not under "have to" circumstances.

The training also give u a really honest and frank opinion about urself...things that u never thought u r that kind of person. These are achieved through exercises. If you are participate in the exercises 100% and have a open mind, u will see the results even before the de-briefing. Some people just cannot accept the frankness coz it does hurt.

Well, it is a self development those who sign up expecting nothing be done to them must be not thinking.

If you attend Asiawork, go with a open mind and open heart. Enjoy the training and make the best of out it. You pay lotsa money for it so make sure u learn everything possible.

Just like bungee jumping - many people won't do it but many people have done it and actually loved it and felt liberated. Some done it and hated it and in worst case, people died, but still it is still a famous sport.

Anthonny Robbins made people walk on fire after his seminar. And thousands of people can do it. Power of the mind, power of believing.

I am definitely not selling Asiaworks but I find it beneficial, even after many many years. My brain is still intact, if washed, I guess for the betterment of myself.

Well, I still go thru up and down after the training,so it is not a miracle course or problem solving center. But I have a wider perspective in life and know that possibilities are endless. You still are the one to put the learning into practice and make them happen.

The downside of the training is that it is very costly, but most self development courses or even professional courses are blardy expensive in this country.

Jul 16, 2005, 10:28:00 PM Anonymous said...

eh! damn sorry. I left some words on tat sentence. kinda sleepy ZzzzZZz at the time. but nvm
the point is, if you want good result, you have to take this training untill LP.

Feb 17, 2008, 4:16:00 AM klown said...

quote from poulotte -
"Anthonny Robbins made people walk on fire after his seminar. And thousands of people can do it. Power of the mind, power of believing."

there you go. anybody who realizes that firewalking is really just walking on hot coals, and not standing in one spot long enough to let the burning sensation sear your thick-skinned soles, can do it. wtf you going on about power of the mind and power of believing?

dude why do some gurus lie on a bed of nails? heck if they are so darn confident of their faith or skills, why don't they say jump around on needles? because there's not enough surface area to stop their weight from turning them into a human pincushion.

see the logic. know the truth.
truth is this

"They are confronting their fears and challenging their introverted personality, but if your knowledge of a subject is paper thin, no Anthony Robbins is going to be able to make you a conversationalist in subjects you know jack about."

it appears that your knowledge about firewalking is that faith (power of believing) and ego (power of mind) allow you to perform this feat.

I say you should read more varied material and gain more insight. I could firewalk without your beliefs (and your training), but by applying logic. But if you applied your flawed beliefs and mistakenly decide that your ego and faith allow you to stand still on that bed of coals for a minute, you are gonna end with very sore soles.

if you choose to close your mind to the truth, so be it.

Can you tell me how asiaworks differs in business model from MLMs?

Can you tell me that asiaworks is not authoritarian on their processes to achieve a better you?

Do you hear other members say that some of them are not taking the training seriously enough?

If you want change, you gotta be serious? Ain't that obvious?

If you are serious, will you not follow their training closely?

Do you often share your secrets/hopes/dreams with a group of people that you've only met for say 2-3 days?

Is your answer to the previous question a reasonable response for a rational human being?

Can you "challenge" yourself to live and sustain your newfound life style for a month without Asiaworks post-training support structure? That is, don't meet with your buddy, don't meet with your group. Don't have any contact with any Asiaworks people?

I "challenge" you. Try it, resume your normal life with your newfound ego and faith. The feeling sucks doesn't it?

That's because you're hooked to what your Asiaworks friend/family member dragged you into.

Think critically, never abandon rational thought.

--you might as well join a fraternity/sorority and pay dues.

Self-righteous Asiaworks bastards pay to get together to do charity work. My belief, if you wanna do charity, for fucks sake, go do it.

It ain't the rest of us that's "weak". It's because you are blind.

You need to tune your perception. You need to set and check-in with your mentor about your goals.

Are you really strong? Hahaha. If that's the case, I'm thankful you think us - the non-Asiaworks-brainwashed "weak".

Oh, if you find that you think there are people in your training session that you'd term "weak", aren't you being judgemental? I thought it is supposed to "open ur blinkers or widen ur box or ur paradigm". hahaha. wtf. screw you, screw your celebrities. Tom Cruise is world famous. He's a Scientologist.

Know what a Scientologist is? I say you have turned into Asiaworkologists.

Jan 26, 2010, 1:09:00 AM Anonymous said...

Guys, Asiaworks is a spin-off from Lifespring, and Lifespring originated from Mind Dynamics, if you read about it, Mind Dynamics was forced to close down because they were practicing medicine without a liscence, I think they are using brainwashing techniques without a liscence, get it?. Their methods and techniques are not recognized by any psychologist or Certified mental health institutions. This means that if they screw up your mind, you're screwed. No one is going to help you. My advice is, stay away. Red flag.

For those who think otherwise, think about this, life is not a game, its about time you people wake up and take responsibility for you own actions.

Again, for those of you who disagree about it, think about this, you do not unlearn. You keep learning. What if you did not unlearn in there? You would know that they are all crazy..

Jan 26, 2010, 1:10:00 AM Anonymous said...

Remember, in life, you keep learning, you do not unlearn, if you dod not unlearn in there, you would know that they are all crazy..

Jan 26, 2010, 1:12:00 AM Anonymous said...

I agree, if we did not unlearn in there, we think that they are all crazy.

May 31, 2011, 10:44:00 AM Anonymous said...

Whatever you guys are saying, you are all ABSOLUTELY RIGHT !. And it shows up very well in your comments, as well as it is showing up in your life. Kudos to you mate !

Jan 20, 2013, 1:58:00 AM Anonymous said...

I read reviews about Asiaworks before walking into the Basic class of AW and you can imagine my apprehension.. A year later, I've finished my LP and reading these paranoid comments about AW is hilarious. Why do these bad words about AW sounds so scary? It happens when peers of AW participants take the events and words spoken out of context. Think of your politicians and celebrities being black-mailed.

Think again before you trust an outsider's poinnt of view. How fair are their words? that's only for you to judge. I'm still perfectly saint after going through the course. I feel more empowered, confident, and loving with the understanding that my mind is the only limit to any realistic goal. Trust me, i'm definitely not brainwashed. ha ha

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