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AP and all.. Really FUNfare, the Malaysian Govt!

This is such a ballyhoo by none other than Dr. YAM and Tengku MAHAL-eel.

I think Proton is such a cry baby. Go on, suck your thumb. In business, we learn to brave the storms. I learn from my association with very successful people, you find opportunities in every obstacle.

Perodua is one such case. No running to daddy-ho Dr. YAM if got slap in the wrist. Perodua has learnt to fight for survival because they weren't given a manja-ing from the Govt which happened to Proton DURING the tenure of Daddy-Ho Dr. YAM!

All this AP thingy started with Daddy Dr. YAM trying to defend his pet, MAHAL. Funny thing, though. Most of this dirt was cause during his tenure as the PM. He claims not to know anything. Yeah, right. A Billion Ringgit industry and "I am not aware of what happens". And Proton is the best car in the world! (*yuck*). Even if Dr. YAM claims he's clean and has nothing to do with cronyism, he still must know that the car industry IS DEFINITELY beneficial to the country's economy.

Of course, he doesn't even earn as a Proton Adviser, he has made his moolahs while PMing with his pet project, Proton.

Please, Dr. YAM. Why not trade your Perdana for a Proton Wira and after one year, let's see you hold praises for it?

Both Dr. YAM and MAHAL-eel are not real businessmen, IMHO. They have been and are over-protected rich kiddies having their whims and fancies served on a silver platter. Get real. Deal with the problems professionally. Not splatter all over the news.


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