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AP and all.. Really FUNfare, the Malaysian Govt!

This is such a ballyhoo by none other than Dr. YAM and Tengku MAHAL-eel.

I think Proton is such a cry baby. Go on, suck your thumb. In business, we learn to brave the storms. I learn from my association with very successful people, you find opportunities in every obstacle.

Perodua is one such case. No running to daddy-ho Dr. YAM if got slap in the wrist. Perodua has learnt to fight for survival because they weren't given a manja-ing from the Govt which happened to Proton DURING the tenure of Daddy-Ho Dr. YAM!

All this AP thingy started with Daddy Dr. YAM trying to defend his pet, MAHAL. Funny thing, though. Most of this dirt was cause during his tenure as the PM. He claims not to know anything. Yeah, right. A Billion Ringgit industry and "I am not aware of what happens". And Proton is the best car in the world! (*yuck*). Even if Dr. YAM claims he's clean and has nothing to do with cronyism, he still must know that the car industry IS DEFINITELY beneficial to the country's economy.

Of course, he doesn't even earn as a Proton Adviser, he has made his moolahs while PMing with his pet project, Proton.

Please, Dr. YAM. Why not trade your Perdana for a Proton Wira and after one year, let's see you hold praises for it?

Both Dr. YAM and MAHAL-eel are not real businessmen, IMHO. They have been and are over-protected rich kiddies having their whims and fancies served on a silver platter. Get real. Deal with the problems professionally. Not splatter all over the news.

Lil Kev & Fly Guy

WE all know them. And we all know they are no longer the "Hits" of HitzFm's Morning Crew. In fact, they defined the Morning Crew.

Anyway, got news where they are now -

ItchyMicchi said...

Fly Guy - now running FlyFM on 95.8FM (or is it 98.5?). other than the station ID, there's hardly any talking to be had on that station; but i'll wait and see.

boo_licious said...

lil' kev is running a pet shop in hartmas now with his girlfriend.

Thanks ItchyMicchi and boo_licious!

Radio DJs

It is amazing to hear our DJs on air. The repertoire and the enegry to keep up must be incredible. I enjoy Richard and Shaz on MixFM. Fantastic pair there. Not to mention Ika, Aldeena are great when they speak - impeccable!

My fav DJs used to be Lil Kev and Fly Guy from HitzFM and George (the Geek) from WOWfm. Neither are around anymore. Yeah, Lil Kev and Fly Guy were at times annoying, which made it all the more interesting since it break out of the monotony of the routine. George was gross, but hey, gross = cool.

Btw, anyone know where Lil Kev and Fly Guy is right now? or what are they are up to? Would be great to catch up with our old time DJs.

Have a blast!

"Dream Job" is an oxymoron.

You have seen the Ads. Seen the promos. Even surfed the site.

Yes, it's that reality show. In fact, I should say, another reality show. Well, we all know the Nescafe Kick-Start program has been on. This is "Season" 2 for year 2005. You can check out the program at Nescafe Kick-Start. It's that programs that brings participants together working with their mentors to win their dream job. The participants win moolah of RM150,000 and they embark either on setting up a company or to pursue higher education etc to achieve their dream "job".

The term Dream Job brings a chuckle to me. Yeah, perhaps to you young 'uns, you might think that there is a such a thing. I sure used to. Found out it was like that Microsoft Demo Heaven Hell joke (you know where the Heaven scene was a demo, the actual program was Hell). When I started working 18 years ago, I was vying for the dream job. When you landed one, you dreamt again for another. However, I found out that the term DREAM JOB is nothing but an OXYMORON. Dream and Job are like saying ANGELIC HELL or like LOVABLE BOSS or even like SECURE JOB.

It may start out as a dream (most probably because you are high on sugar that you took in your cuppa on that morning you are starting work because you are excited to get started), however, it ends up quite the opposite (when you find out that a job is nothing more than "Chosen Slavery").

I like to distinguish between work and job. I love the work, but I hate the job. The work is what I do. The job is what I need to go through - the motion. And very very importantly, I never dumb down MY dreams to my job. There's nothing wrong getting a job. We all need that right now to bring the bacon (or salad, for the healthy ones) home. However, do we all want to end up slaving away trading hours for dollars til we are popped out at 55? Or even 40? I for one found out that my job and work didn't help achieve what I truly wanted.

Nescafe Kick-Start may offer you an opportunity to be in a job you love after completing your studies or even start your own company. Being a conventional entrepreneur myself, I found that even holding a job as an entrepreneur is STILL being a slave to your business. I never wanted to slave to a boss or even to a business. My goal was to make money (lot's of it) and get out to enjoy my life. Didn't find that true for conventional business. However, after a while, found an entrepreneurial program that allows me to do such. There's still work, best part is I don't need to GIVE AWAY my life! Especially my best strong years! (the ones where I am still able to move around..)

I am young, well.. according to some people. So, I intend to retire before I am 37 (which someone reminded me that I am not far off from .. *hint*).

Rather than having a DREAM job - be it for a boss or a business - I rather WORK for MY DREAMS! Your most important DREAM should first and foremost be about YOU and your loved ones!

Home studios anyone?

In the course of building my business, I come to meet people a lot. One recent associate I came to know is a student studying here and is from Botswana. Very much into the music scene especially house, funk, African music and the sort.

Since two of my goals are to be involved in Christian music fulltime (I am a drummer btw) with the church band I'm with and to have my own underground home studio, we found common ground and chatted. And I found out that he wanted to cut some demo for his pieces that he had done.

The only problem was: COST. As someone once said, "Money is not everything. Yet, almost everything requires money." We met with one of my friends who is in the Sound sytem line. However, truth be told, we still needed a studio to make a demo piece.

If any of you know who has a home studio and is willing to work on venture basis (which means, no money down now - only later when CDs can sell) and work on this as a project, pls shoot me an email at

Have a blast!

More from the other end of the Rainbow..

Hey, thanks Poulette for sharing. I understand about the power of believing. I do believe everyone needs to realise that. However, I feel that there are programs, business and general, that don't cost you a bomb.

That's why I'm involved in my church and have the right business mentorship with the values and principles that supports my own and my partners (who are not Christians). Both of this helps us with the end goals while developing ourselves.

Just my 2 cts worth!

Poulotte said...

The training focus on your goals and plans. It is suppose to help you to prioritise what are important to you - ur career, family, personal ambition, relationship, etc...whichever matter to you most. Then you work it out to achieve them.

It is tough, well, many times, we don't achieve most of our goals in real life anyway. We give up and we always have very valid excuses and reasons and justifications. So here in the Asiawork training, they make you see that there are actually possibilities.

Frankly, there are many possibilities...but some are just to tough and some people can't handle it. Thus, they quit or complain but some became more determined and try to achieve it, well, tho not succesful all the time, but heck, at least you try, right?

I heard bout the fire thing, but people still won't walk thru it if they don't believe that they can do the impossible.

Just like driving, some of us can drive to anywhere and anytime. Drop me in Australia, yes, I will go behind the wheel and drive. Easy.

But to some people, for e.g. my sister will never have the guts to drive. I dunno what is her reason but totally think that she can't. Lack of confidence and fear, I guess. I mean, comon, it is just driving, almost everyone do it.

Well, I am just giving point of views from both ends. Nothing is really good or bad. It all depends what you want and what are your perceptions.

When I was there, I hated the enrolment. Like hey, why should I be selling Asiaworks to my friends. I don't get the money.

But later, I realised something. Those who can enrol are generally (not all) just good in most areas of their lives. They don't complain bout enrolment but they just do it, not because they have to, but because they enjoyed it and they totally believe that people will benefit from it. The power of believing again.

It is kinda working life. You noticed some people complain bout their work - almost everything. My boss is blah blah blah. My colleagues are blah blah blah. My company is stupid blah blah blah. Some people run companies and yet burdened with lotsa responsibilities and companies goals. Yet, they are positive and high achiever. And they focus on ur solving their problems and achieving their goals rather than keep talking bout how bad things are.

As for making money, Asiaworks is a business making money is their goal. I rather they make money than they go busted. Cos if busted, it only shows that all these self development is fake and total BS.

Phew! I said enough. Sorry to talk too much in your blog. But thak you for the opportunities.

Have a blast, everyone!

Hearing from the other side of Asiaworks..

Ah, from the other end of the rainbow. Thanks Poulette. My question still remains, are you suppose to give this training greater priority over your other goals and plans?

Poulotte said...

I attended Asiaworks many many years ago. I was in LP8. IMHO, the training is good.

Well, it is not a cult. No practices or no worshipping any gods or no sacrificing anything in that sense.

Brainwashing? Perhaps to some people it is. Because this is what happen. It suppose to open ur blinkers or widen ur box or ur paradigm. So, it will show you what it is like in the opposite point of view.

If you are someone who is quiet and reserve, trust me, they will make you talk and express. If you are someone who talk a lot and sorta love to be the center of the attention, they will let you experience what is it like to shaddap and listen to others for once.

It is taking you out of ur comfort zone. Some people will have a sudden realisation that they can actually do those things that they always thot they can't once given the opportunity experience the things they will never do if not under "have to" circumstances.

The training also give u a really honest and frank opinion about urself...things that u never thought u r that kind of person. These are achieved through exercises. If you are participate in the exercises 100% and have a open mind, u will see the results even before the de-briefing. Some people just cannot accept the frankness coz it does hurt.

Well, it is a self development those who sign up expecting nothing be done to them must be not thinking.

If you attend Asiawork, go with a open mind and open heart. Enjoy the training and make the best of out it. You pay lotsa money for it so make sure u learn everything possible.

Just like bungee jumping - many people won't do it but many people have done it and actually loved it and felt liberated. Some done it and hated it and in worst case, people died, but still it is still a famous sport.

Anthonny Robbins made people walk on fire after his seminar. And thousands of people can do it. Power of the mind, power of believing.

I am definitely not selling Asiaworks but I find it beneficial, even after many many years. My brain is still intact, if washed, I guess for the betterment of myself.

Well, I still go thru up and down after the training,so it is not a miracle course or problem solving center. But I have a wider perspective in life and know that possibilities are endless. You still are the one to put the learning into practice and make them happen.

The downside of the training is that it is very costly, but most self development courses or even professional courses are blardy expensive in this country.

Actually, I came to know that walking on fire in Tony Robbins seminars has nothing to do with mind power. It has to do the science of what time of the day to walk on and what color the coals are. Apparently, it is not as what it seems. Marketing in the best form? Imagine, shoot yourself in the hand AND feel no pain, you will ( a bit of YODAism there). Bah, humbug (a bit of Scrooge too)!

There are courses or self-development where you don't give your arm, leg or KFC O.R. Chicken Fillet Burger away. I hear that you need to get focused on enrolment. This is where I don't buy this whole thingaroo.

It's ok to promote it since it instills value yet you are happy since you don't make money out of your friend. YET, you allow Asiaworks to make money out of them. Yes, I think Asiaworks MAKES A WHOLE CASELOAD of BUCKAROOS from people! Worst, they have to give their KFC O.R. Chicken Fillet Burger away. Sad, sad..

To be successful you must be willing!

"Once you've closed yourself off to new ideas, you've ceased to grow."
- Napoleon Hill

I read this article titled "Successful people listen to new ideas" and I do agree.

In order for you to be a WINNER, you NEED to be willing to hear out ideas. Whether old ones or new ones, always reflect them as if they are new. The moment we say, "Oh, that one.. I have heard it before.. blah blah blah". Most of the time, we just spit out BLAHS not knowing what we are hearing. We only assume. Which, incidentally, most of us are good at.

The moment we decide to say to ourselves, "Why not?" or "Yeah, no harm listening" or "Maybe I missed something the other times someone else said it" or "I am sure I can pick something here", we open ourselves to GOLDEN opportunities that is lying in wait for us to grab.

Don't say NO, say "WHYNOT?"

Have a blast!

Asiaworks and Wrestling?

ZEO said...

1 thing that you'll be seeing is those trainer from the past LPs smiling non stop.
Ya, it's like brainwashing or rehab but for the benefit of the participant.
I dont see any cult-like behaviour during basic.
1 thing that I couldnt stand is after finish the basic, they kept calling asking me to continue. Untill that 1 time I cant stand so I switch off the handphone. hahaa

The funny part is they use rick flair opening theme song on every starting session.

Eh, ZEO, brainwashing IS cult-like behavior. Question is, do you sense any change in yourself or in others?

Perhaps they advocate watching wrestling? Hmmm.. I wonder if Asiaworks is part of WWF? Oops, no offence intended for our dear WWF fans! :-o

Smiling non-stop, eh? I wonder if it gets the mandible muscles all worked out...

Yup, More comments on Asiaworks..

Anonymous said...

One guy I know give to charity first even when he don't have enough to feed his family!

This is absurd! Yet, the way things are going, it's not hard to believe!

Steve Job's Commencent Address

Here's an excerpt from Steve Job's commencent address if you hadn't take the trouble to follow the link previously. Really inspiring :

This is the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12, 2005.
.... No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

When I was young, there was an amazing publication called The Whole Earth Catalog, which was one of the bibles of my generation. It was created by a fellow named Stewart Brand not far from here in Menlo Park, and he brought it to life with his poetic touch. This was in the late 1960's, before personal computers and desktop publishing, so it was all made with typewriters, scissors, and polaroid cameras. It was sort of like Google in paperback form, 35 years before Google came along: it was idealistic, and overflowing with neat tools and great notions.

Stewart and his team put out several issues of The Whole Earth Catalog, and then when it had run its course, they put out a final issue. It was the mid-1970s, and I was your age. On the back cover of their final issue was a photograph of an early morning country road, the kind you might find yourself hitchhiking on if you were so adventurous. Beneath it were the words: "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." It was their farewell message as they signed off. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. And I have always wished that for myself. And now, as you graduate to begin anew, I wish that for you.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

That was just the partial address. For the full address, get your sweet eyes over here!

Life is short. Don't waste it slaving for someone else's dream! Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Have a blast!

Comments on Asiaworks..

Comments to my post on Asiaworks:

      Anonymous said...
      Asiaworks should be investigate by the Authority for cult like activity. Stay away from this people, before it is too late. I have seen have it vrain wash some I love.

      ZEO said...
      I have been to Asiaworks basic, but I couldnt go further more since the training is quite harsh. My bro finish his LP. Harith and Aflin was there.

How do you find these participants brainwashed and In what sense is it harsh? Anyone has any other take on this? You could email me or leave a comment.

Like I mentioned below, these trainings are meant to help us work towards our goals and vision. Apparently, I hear a bit of the contrary when it comes to Asiaworks. Maybe it's just hearsay or perhaps it is true. Nevertheless, it is always good to hear what Asiaworks is all about and what they do.

More of my take on Asiaworks..

Don't get me wrong. I think self-development is important and if Asiaworks helps any individuals achieve greater sense of confidence and self-image, hey, that's superb!

However, I believe that seminars and trainings are merely TOOLS to assist us in our goals, dreams and vision in life. They are to us help be effective in keeping our priorities so we may achieve what we have aimed for.

Yet, if these tools take over and force themselves to be a goal or a vision and sets itself as a priority, then I believe it is wrong. If that truly can happen, I believe that the individual has no vision or goals or dreams and if that is so, he or she doesn't have any sets of priorities to begin with. If a person has goals in life to achieve, then one has to careful so as to draw a line. Again, these trainings are merely TOOLS to help us to achieve our purposes. Not to be the purpose.

I hope I am wrong about this, yet I am beginning to see how specialised trainings such as Asiaworks' have turned around and made themselves as priorities in the participants life. It seems like it is an ongoing activity. I just hope it doesn't RULE other priorities and vision in life that it becomes the MAIN activity.

People share about Asiaworks because it is good, it helps and so forth. They don't make money out of recruiting people because it is a good thing. I suppose it is a noble aspect to help another fellow human being? But in the end, Asiaworks DOES make money. If you want to learn to have a purpose in life, to achieve greater development in character and leadership, to serve others, to care for others, to be noble AND get everyone to experience it and yet NO ONE makes money out of it, the church is the answer. Since the beginning of time, this was always God's plan.

Have a blast!

This AsiaWorks thing..

I must say that this Asiaworks courses are beginning to seem like a combination of new age practises.

Most training and courses aren't, well, as deeply concentrated and ingrained. Question is, what kind of self-discovery is this? To what or to whom?

I hear that personal lives are open for all to see and hear. Again, seems like new agey stuff. Kind of like a religion.

Hmmm.. a cult?

Have a blast!

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

Great commencement address from Steve Jobs to the grads of Stanford.

Read it here.

Have a blast!

IT Grads in US not interest in tech firms

Just read the paper this morning about IT graduates in US not interested in tech jobs such as writing codes or to even work at a tech company. They want more lucrative career paths such as consulting.

Read the full article here at the Associated Press.

Grimm outlook for the local IT industry? Too many grads, too little jobs. It's no more the employee's market.

Make a choice.

Sometimes making a choice is not exactly what we would like to do. Yet, we must.

Received a comment for my Truly, Deeply snip-note below..

Don said...

I agree with you here totally. I have done everything in my power to achieve the goals of spending my time enjoying life with people that I like. You never know when it all may end.

I've reduced my cost of living, I reject conspicuous consumtion, I shop at thrift stores and discount grocery stores, I make do with what I have whenever possible and try my best to be self-sufficient.

Dump that corporate job that has you using up your precious life doing something that means nothing to you. If you aren't enjoying yourself doing something that satisfies you, you are a slave. Envision the life you want, and live it. You don't get a second chance.

It's great to hear you have decided to live your life, Don. Hope it works out.

I do have my personal vision and aspirations for the kind of life I want. However, whilst I do want to be self-sufficient (in fact, I think all of us need to be. The term self-sufficient here is being able to provide for yourselves, rather than dependency on a J.O.B), I aspire to more than a "just getting by" lifestyle. I want to enjoy life. Enjoy the different cultures, foods, holidays, time with my family, beautiful things. And why not? We were not created for a "just getting by" life!

I have been running my personal business to achieve exactly that. I do want a great lifestyle. If I can afford a great lifestyle, it means I can do more for others who are in need. And I have seen one too many. I have decided to be a Millionaire. It is more than the cars, the house, vacations, resorts, being debt-free, no doubt I would love that, I want to help people around me. To be an impact to my community. The best part is, everyone else can do the same. Imagine, a world community of financial free people helping others in need!

I am not saying this is what everyone should envision this for themselves, rather I am saying WE can do more for our families, ourselves and others around WHEN WE DECIDE to have more than just slaving for a boss. What I would like to advocate here is FINANCIAL freedom. No debts plus no dependency on slaving for a buck. Think of the endless opportunities for us and our families.

Decide now. Make THAT choice.

Have a blast.

Truly, deeply..

Ask yourself this: what do I truly, deeply want? need?

Is beating our bodies every morning to the rigours of routine at the very early ring of the alarm, while at the same rendering our bodies the lack of rest it truly needs, truly deeply our calling in life?

Or perhaps it could the chance of commuting with thousands of other bodies in vehicles at the same time whilst beating the red, yellow, green light device that controls the flow of traffic gushing through the morning?

Is this TRULY, DEEPLY our want? Or do we YEARN and LONG for a better life and LIFEstyle? Perhaps this is not our destiny. To live the routine that we go through now, that is. Perhaps it is to enjoy life while we can. To spend the limited time we have with people whom we truly cherish.

Look really deep into your true self and ask: What do I truly, deeply want and need?
And then decide to act.

I have. What about you?

Have a blast, boys and girls!