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FREEDOM to live peacefully.

I am amazed that in this age of technology, science and wondazement, terrorism still abound. Like a bloody plague. Like a disease, just worst.

My blog is mainly about attaining FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM. I do, on many occasions, write on things that rummage thru my mind like a sprinting squirrel.

What bothers me is: terrorists.

One way I believe we could step up to terrorism is to STOP playing Al-Qaeda's threatening messages. It is people like the Al-Jazeera TV network that is also a collaborator, if you asked me. They play the video, knowing well it will affect people & the economy.

The newspapers could also keep their journalistic hunger in check. Just because it's newsworthy is not necessarily a wise move. Publishing threats by terrorists is simply giving these terrorist their leverage. This is what they want - FEAR!

Take away that leverage, and how would they feed their egos? They would be nothing but a deflate piece of used up balloon!

As much I respect the Bible, I respect the Koran as well. I believe all this allegations by prisoners of the Gitmo are lies (in fact, there are. Read at the LA Times page). I believe it is a corrupt tale to justify acts of terrorism.

What is stopping an extremist from mishandling the Koran (all for the highest purpose) him/herself and thus reporting in the papers that the retailers had sent them a defaced Koran?

Hey you, news people! Stop giving leverage to these terror-pigs!

Make a difference - live in peace!


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