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Personal FREEDOM includes..

FREEDOM to live peacefully.

I am amazed that in this age of technology, science and wondazement, terrorism still abound. Like a bloody plague. Like a disease, just worst.

My blog is mainly about attaining FINANCIAL and TIME FREEDOM. I do, on many occasions, write on things that rummage thru my mind like a sprinting squirrel.

What bothers me is: terrorists.

One way I believe we could step up to terrorism is to STOP playing Al-Qaeda's threatening messages. It is people like the Al-Jazeera TV network that is also a collaborator, if you asked me. They play the video, knowing well it will affect people & the economy.

The newspapers could also keep their journalistic hunger in check. Just because it's newsworthy is not necessarily a wise move. Publishing threats by terrorists is simply giving these terrorist their leverage. This is what they want - FEAR!

Take away that leverage, and how would they feed their egos? They would be nothing but a deflate piece of used up balloon!

As much I respect the Bible, I respect the Koran as well. I believe all this allegations by prisoners of the Gitmo are lies (in fact, there are. Read at the LA Times page). I believe it is a corrupt tale to justify acts of terrorism.

What is stopping an extremist from mishandling the Koran (all for the highest purpose) him/herself and thus reporting in the papers that the retailers had sent them a defaced Koran?

Hey you, news people! Stop giving leverage to these terror-pigs!

Make a difference - live in peace!

The Body, in the afternoon..

We were made to sleep in the afternoon, comprende?

Imagine, in Mexico, people take a siesta in the afternoon. In some places, people are encouraged to take naps.

I rather take naps AS LONG AS I want and not waking up to the boss' mug staring down at me.

Afternoon naps, God's gift to man (besides, women don't take naps.. they prefer cleaning the house).

Have a nap!

Why suffer, O brother?

Lament, lament, lament..

stretching on the bed, feeling the cool of the covers on the body, cool air blowing down, bird chirping (occasional baby crying, old hag screaming down a few blocks away)...

the body is at peace with itself. This is totally natural.


Can't wait to smash my STOOPID alarm clock! (actually mine's a teeny weeny lil watch alarm thingy..need to get a bigger one so smashing seems fun!)

Blast off to la-la LAND!

It's is a beautiful day, *grunt*..why need to work?

The morning's cool. A perfect day to sleep in.

Nooo... why did I have to do?

Roll OUT of my comfy bed at 6:15am, hog the road with millions other morning zombies, and get to office.

All this with body screaming in protest!

I believe my body is saying that it was not meant to suffer like this. Come to me, thy precious bed!


Father's Day Irony..

It is amazing alright. Father's Day, that is.

What a great time to see Dads being appreciated. And all the great speeches. Dads thanking their families. And so forth. But something is missing. The TRUE father.

In this Father's Day, I find some irony. Today, Dads and Moms don't really spend time with their children. Not as much as they ought to. In the days of old, we find Dads and Moms having much more time with the family. And thus, came the Mother's Day & Father's Day celebration. Of the 2 greatest people on earth who gives us their lives.

Yet, in today's 21st century high-tech age families, quality time is far from the mind (and heart). It is understandable to be able to provide for food, shelter, necessities and some good stuff, but is that all? What happened to quality time with the family? I wonder if keeping a child in grandparent's home outstation and visiting during weekends is an idea of giving their lives to their children.

What's happening is the fact that most parents are spending MORE time with their BOSSES than they would with the people they LOVE most (unless it's their boss.. freaky!). Calculate and see if that's not true. And worst, they don't mind their children spending all the time with the grandparents and the maid. Today, children see the maids as an alternative parent. What a dysfunctional world we live in today!

If parents can be fulltime parents to their children without worry about income, why aren't they doing so? If residual income is proven and accepted today, why not? And if thru that, financial security is gained, why not? With moral decay seeping more and more into our society through the media, shouldn't we spend more time with our children to bless them with values AND friendship? How much is imparted when we get back from work? Or during the weekend? Or do we depend for church leaders to impart on our behalf? If so, than we would all be sorry excuses for parents.

The worst irony is that most Dads know that a job (or a fancy-pancy word,"career") is NOT secure anymore (in fact, they never were) and ties them down more and more. To add salt to injury, their wives have to work and get tied down. Yet, they do NOTHING to gain that FREEDOM for their families and themselves. Something about not being their cuppa of tea.

As someone once said, "It's not about whether it is your cup of tea. You are drinking your boss' bitter cup of tea. You prefer that?".

The irony is the man of the house prefers to slog to make someone's dreams come true, rather than his and his family's. Father's Day celebration should be for all father's who fight to free their families!

Have a blast!