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Common Sense, People!

IBM just cut 13,000 jobs.

"No, it won't happened to me"
"The big blue is a secure job"
"I am a manager. Am set for life"
"I can find a job easily"
"I want to build my career"

Again, IBM just cut 13,000 jobs.
Why? Because they want to have better numbers of their account sheet so shareholders will be happy.

Do you think your employer loves you? If you do, you are not different than an alcoholic.
You need to get sober. Get real.

A job has never been secure. I just can't understand people. The economy is NOT all that rosy. Thousands of University graduates cannot find jobs. Thousands of graduates TODAY work in a job that is NOT related to their field of study.

Entry pay for graduates stink. And will continue to stink as they "pursue their careers". Gimme a break.

Time to look at the world thru a "Clear, real, true" glass. It's either you start to build a future thru a proven vehicle, which you need to take extra time (well, not really extra time - recycled unproductive time), and lay a foundation for ongoing income OR.. you could live in a fantasy world.

The future doesn't lie in fantasy - money doesn't grow in a job, in stocks, in investments - but in determined hands.

Have a blast!


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