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Where Are We Going To?

How you would know where people are going is by listening to them.

Most people DON'T have a direction or a vision for their lives. I should know, I was one of them!

When you sit down with your friends, the one thing (or actually, more than one) that comes out from their mouths would NOT be compliments of their job or for their boss! It would be contrary. It would be comments how harrowing their week has been, how tough work it, how terrible their boss is etc.

When it is all whining and complaining, frankly, that's not how I would love to live the rest of my life! It's not that our friends are being negative, it is what a job gives! A RUT LIFE!

I discovered this when I realised one morning that I MUST have control of my life - not giving it away to my boss!!

Let's decide today!

Have a blast!


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