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Against the grain..

Why is it that people complain about their life, work and circumstances YET not willing to change it?

It is because people are either complacent, scared or have sold out to the world system's views of a job!

If only people would look at their families, their situations, the truth about job insecurity, about how time doesn't wait for anyone, about helping others. Most of the time, people are SELFISH! That's right. The reason a lot of people don't do anything for their FREEDOM from a job is simply because they are looking at themselves. Not at others. People don't realise it is about helping others - especially people dearest to them. I mean, seriously, would a child care how much money you make? Or how much time you have for them? When was the last you could spend all day, all week, all month, all year with your beautiful wife or baby or parents? Most of the time, they are fixated on themselves, their lack of time blah-blah-blahs! When you have passion to reclaim your life, nothing else matters!

Perhaps you can change your mentality. If you have an avenue, which is leveraging what you do anyway, would you help another person's life to be better?

For the first time in your life, look at how you can be an impact.

Have a blast!


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