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TIME cannot be EARNED!

No matter how rich, how powerful, how influential you are - once time is spent, you cannot recover it back.

How often we neglect the value of time over our finances, our achievements, our work, even our FAMILIES! We take for granted, we can catch up with TIME. Sadly, TIME has no regards for our busyness! It has no consideration for our limitations.

We can spend 8-10 hours a day with people who will not mourn our deaths, let alone remember us.
We can choose to spend the rest of our lives, a year from today, with people longs for our company.

Make your LIFE count - for the people who love you!

Have a blast!

Retail Estate (TM)

How to Convert Household Expenses into Household income-and Own Your Own Life in the Process!

You May Own Your Own House
(But Who Owns Your Household?)

"Today, almost 70% of Americans own their own homes. And for good reason. As a homeowner, you’re benefiting from the equity in your real estate.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could benefit from the equity in your “Retail Estate,™” that is, the products and services in your household that you purchased from retail stores? You wouldn’t allow your mortgage company to profit from the equity in your real estate, would you? Obviously, NO!.

Then why allow retailers to profit from the equity in your Retail Estate™?

That’s what this book is about —I intend to show you how you can profit from thehousehold essentials that everyone buys and uses on a regular basis.

I call these products and services “Household Gold™” because millions of houses around the globe are packed with trillions of dollars of Retail Estate™ just waiting to be mined.

If you’re interested in making money instead of spending money on products and services you have to buy anyway, then read this book. Today!"

Dr. Steve W. Price
Author, Business Owner, Real Estate Investor

A former teacher and coach, Dr. Steve Price has written or co-authored more than a dozen books on personal growth and free enterprise. To date his books have sold several million copies and been translated into 20 languages. Dr. Price has invested in real


"You cannot change your current conditions with the same thinking that created those conditions"
-Albert Einstein

That's why 95% of what we do is: LEARN from SUCCESSFUL people to GROW our heart & mind!
They teach us to purge our old failure thinking and fill with RIGHT principles & thought patterns to help us to move towards our DREAMS & GOALS!

And as we do, we do our 4% activity of calling people with 100% DETERMINATION & EXCITEMENT!

However, if we only do 4% or 0% learning, we would still be trying to do 95% of the activitiy with FAILURE thinking that we have been in. We all need the proper attitude, principles, motivation & inspiration to fill our hearts & mind to dilute the negative doubts that our environment is creating so we can run towards our DREAMS with EVERYTHING we have got!

Don't wait. Start now.. for your future. It is as BRIGHT as a DIAMOND!

Have a blast!