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The Path To Freedom

Is filled with challenges, no doubt. Or are they?

I choose to see it as road bumps along the highway. You will see them coming, yet after going thru, you will look forward, not at the rearview mirror.

However, the path to freedom IS available to ALL who desires so.

And the challenges awaiting the freedom pilgrim will find in his quest will be closer to home than that of strangers.
Family for one can be a challenge. So could work. Friends and acquaintances can prove to be challenges.

Yet, one can choose to accept them as challenges to move forward. Or to fall back.

Or, one can simply learn that these are not really challenges in form. Simply misinformed purveyors of the comfort zone.

They mean the best, yet desire none of it for you. We appreciate their concern (or lack of it for our dreams) and MOVE onwards.

Every advocate of FREEDOM just have to realise that our FREEDOM is much more painful lost than the pain of avoiding challenges. Challenges MAY be avoided for this particular reason once, but other challenges in general will double. One wrong turn leads to another, remember?

Take the right turn, go thru the bumps and then you will the reason to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

Have a blast!


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