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The Mac Mini review..

I wonder. I am a PC user. So far so good (with certain exceptions..).

Just read a review done by DivisionTwo and here's an excerpt from the review:

Mac Mini: The Emperor's New Computer
by Jorge Lopez, MCSE

But since its sleek look comes at the expense of the parallel port, serial ports, the PS/2 ports and the drive bays, potential Mac mini buyers should ask themselves just how much utility they're willing to sacrifice for style. Oh, did I forget to mention that the Mini has no PCI slots either? And no floppy disk drive? Well, no wonder they got the unit to be so small. No keyboard or mouse either. Sorry, Kayla, daddy's got to make another trip to Best Buy before you can play with your new computer...

... no 5.25" bays, no speakers, and no Windows XP...

hmm.. 5.25" bays? Floppy Disk drive? Can't connect to printer? Hellooo.. Is this guy from Mars? How checking out what comes in a notebook these days..

Have a blast!


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