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The Millionaire (??) Next door..

I have heard about it. Nearly bought since everybody like me wants to be one. Flipped thru it. Didn't buy it.

.. And good thing too!

According to the book, people who are millionaires (as written in MSN) :

"They live comfortable lifestyles, but are not wasteful."

"For the most part, they remain married to supportive and responsible spouses who run economically productive households -- from clipping coupons to buying household supplies in bulk. Bottom line: They spend less than they earn."

"The millionaires in his survey tend to have started businesses, and have built their wealth by finding a profitable niche. They tend to love what they do and are motivated by building the business, not by building wealth."

These people are what I call UNREAL MILLIONAIRES who are NOT so sure their million dollar bank account in the bank may be there if they went on a little binge in Hawaii, or are afraid that if that particular investment goes sour, so does their Nett juice!

If they love building their business, money wouldn't be a concern. Right now, it seems that money still seems to be controlling their life very much. Savings & coupons NEVER made anyone a millionaire. The fact that these people had to this is simple: Their flow of income is based on their active work. In order to maintain a millionaire status, they have to ensure working very hard PLUS being Scrooge McDuck!

People I associate with are Millionaires, Multi-Millionaires, Billionaires, live their life in line with their dreams - according to their means, not below it! Many of them have dreams of living a superb lifestyle - and that's how they live. And the best part, they continously make millionaires every year/month. Not one that is of being thrifty!! That is NOT living your DREAMS! These people understood the diff between UNREAL Millionaires and TRUE Millionaires! They build a wealth system that gives them MASSIVE passive FLOW of Income!

Are they afraid of losing their money? Not one bit! They know that their income is guaranteed with exponential growth!

And one more thing... there is no such thing as a self-made millionaire. What? You grew the wealth all by yourself, solely? Come on!!

--Book Review--
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