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Make a choice!

In life, I can definitely make a choice.

Choose either bread crumbs of mediocrity from the tables of our laidback loser society OR choose to live on choice food & wine AT the table of winners!

Man was first and foremost created to be winners, never to live a life of mediocre stagnancy. Question is why today a lot of people choose the easy way out, knowing it would beat the spirit of triumph to live above the call of society - which is be a slave to another man!

How difficult and burdensome would it be to fight the good fight of magnificence for just a short while than to live under the heavy thumb of another man for the rest of our limited lives?

Is employment the path to live a life of freedom? Free from debts, pressures, anxieties, slavery... death? Perhaps not death in the spiritual, but the natural. Statistics shows that most people have to work until 55 before being able to retire comfortably. By then, most people would have achieved the greatests trophies they can carry for the rest of their pitiful little lives: Chronic heart diseases, terminal diseases, major diseases, loss of valuable time, living dependently on very little income from investments, living dependently on family, living dependently on McD working full-time..

... and the worst of ALL - lost the DREAM to have lived life to fullest when still young!

To those who choose the "golden age" of retirement (that's the only option available EVEN if have invested in properties or financial investments), then to them - hope the trumpet of selfishness bring joy to their family WHOM they should be thinking about the first place to give unadulterated FREEDOM!

What rattles me is the fact the most mediocre joes think that being a pro labourer (hey, that's what it is - except you get to work in an air-con room with a PC and nice little office outfit..other than that, just a labourer) is living life. I say to them, WAKE UP and SMELL THE YOUR BOSS'S BREATH!

Have a blast!


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