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Incredible People!

Can you believe it? Totally incredible!
Michael Schumacher contributed USD10 Million..
Michael & Susan Dell Foundation contributed USD1 Million..
Sandra Bullock contributed USD1 Million..
Bill Gates contributed USD3 Million..

How much can we give? Yeah, some will say it's all about the heart. Well, easy for you to say when you're not at the losing end.

Truth is: we are so darn complacent that we don't strive be PERSONALLY FREE to give really A LOT when they need it! How unfortunate beings have we become!

We must realise that we are created for greatness, and from that greatness to make others live better and achieve greatness.

Thank God for achievers such as Schumacher, Dell, Gates and Bullock who wanted more in life so they could bless others!

Have a blast!


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