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Hope is but a choice away.

I was reading A Gathering Light by Jennifer Donnelly and found it somewhat inspiring. Well, somewhat since the story line didn't entice me to sit til wee hours of the mornings, yet it is the assurance of hope prevailing kept me going and finally got me satisfied.

It is a story about a farm girl living in 1906 who has lost her mother to cancer and was made to keep a promise, as a request by her dying mom, to take care of her sisters and her pa. By doing so, it meant sacrificing her dreams of being a writer.

Boldly enough, with all the struggles and pain of farm life, of finding love, of finding a legendary poet as a mentor - she MADE a CHOICE. She made a choice to live her dreams so that her life wouldn't be left meaningless by the simplicity and mediocrity farm life left for a girl. She made a choice to live in hope.

It is all about our dreams. It is whether we want to make dreams come true. That's when hope comes true. It is but a choice away. We can choose to live in hope because of the desire to live a life or we can choose to sink into deep trenches of a gray life when we simply choose to make a living. Your call.

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