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Don't Be A Frog In The Well!

Parable of the frog: baby-frog living in well, sees above only sky. Like, very small & dull. POING! Jumps out and see wide & bigger land as far as eye can see- WOWEE! Hops until sees a cow- COWABUNGA! Like,totally amazed, goes back to well & tells mom-frog it seen a very big creature. HUH? Perplexed, Mom-frog very skeptical. Thinking it know better, expands like a BLOATED beer belly to relate to the size. But each time baby-frog says bigger... Until BOOM! Mom-frog goes SPLAT!!

Moral: narrow perspective will always be limited by narrow vision and hindered by stoopid narrow-minded supersized skepticism.

Have a blast!


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