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While we are at names - Elven names!

Found out I've bloodlines to the elves. My name in Elvish is Galdor Ancalímon. Hmmm.. gotta check the family tree. See if you are related to me at The Elven Name Generator.

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Me, robot. You, target...
Identity revealed. Evasive tactical program initiated.... Resistance is futile. You have been assimilated! Your new identity is update at Cyborg Name Generator

Johnny Carson, TV Legend, dies at 79

Great TV Legend actor & comic Johnny Carson passed away at 79.
He was well known for his show The Tonigth's show.

Visit CNN's tribute site to Johnny Carson.

The Millionaire (??) Next door..

I have heard about it. Nearly bought since everybody like me wants to be one. Flipped thru it. Didn't buy it.

.. And good thing too!

According to the book, people who are millionaires (as written in MSN) :

"They live comfortable lifestyles, but are not wasteful."

"For the most part, they remain married to supportive and responsible spouses who run economically productive households -- from clipping coupons to buying household supplies in bulk. Bottom line: They spend less than they earn."

"The millionaires in his survey tend to have started businesses, and have built their wealth by finding a profitable niche. They tend to love what they do and are motivated by building the business, not by building wealth."

These people are what I call UNREAL MILLIONAIRES who are NOT so sure their million dollar bank account in the bank may be there if they went on a little binge in Hawaii, or are afraid that if that particular investment goes sour, so does their Nett juice!

If they love building their business, money wouldn't be a concern. Right now, it seems that money still seems to be controlling their life very much. Savings & coupons NEVER made anyone a millionaire. The fact that these people had to this is simple: Their flow of income is based on their active work. In order to maintain a millionaire status, they have to ensure working very hard PLUS being Scrooge McDuck!

People I associate with are Millionaires, Multi-Millionaires, Billionaires, live their life in line with their dreams - according to their means, not below it! Many of them have dreams of living a superb lifestyle - and that's how they live. And the best part, they continously make millionaires every year/month. Not one that is of being thrifty!! That is NOT living your DREAMS! These people understood the diff between UNREAL Millionaires and TRUE Millionaires! They build a wealth system that gives them MASSIVE passive FLOW of Income!

Are they afraid of losing their money? Not one bit! They know that their income is guaranteed with exponential growth!

And one more thing... there is no such thing as a self-made millionaire. What? You grew the wealth all by yourself, solely? Come on!!

--Book Review--
Book reviews on The Millionaire Next Door found at Google.

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And as everyone's settling after dinner at home, I am taking my beautiful bride of 6 years for a romantic rendervous at a 24-hours Parisian cafe just about 1 hour away. A long drive? Not with the gorgeous rocket turbo we are in! Too late to stay up? I am free from job slavery.. I can get up anytime I want!

Family time with BMW X5!

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It's dinner time now! Time to get some great food from JWW Marriott. Of course, the whole family's coming too.. Need the beautiful hunka hunka of burning bright steel!

Ooh.. I am loving this already!!

BMW 6 Coupe Drive!

BMW 6series Coupe
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Right. That was pretty good breakie! It's time to meet some business partners for coffee at Starbucks! Time to bring out grandaddy mean machine! How about that for "work"?

Mazda RX8

Mazda RX8
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Superb vehicle the RX-8. How about driving this wild beauty without the cares of the world, on late Mon morning (after the traffic clears) at a 5-Star Hotel at your fave table and with your usual waiter!

Make a choice!

In life, I can definitely make a choice.

Choose either bread crumbs of mediocrity from the tables of our laidback loser society OR choose to live on choice food & wine AT the table of winners!

Man was first and foremost created to be winners, never to live a life of mediocre stagnancy. Question is why today a lot of people choose the easy way out, knowing it would beat the spirit of triumph to live above the call of society - which is be a slave to another man!

How difficult and burdensome would it be to fight the good fight of magnificence for just a short while than to live under the heavy thumb of another man for the rest of our limited lives?

Is employment the path to live a life of freedom? Free from debts, pressures, anxieties, slavery... death? Perhaps not death in the spiritual, but the natural. Statistics shows that most people have to work until 55 before being able to retire comfortably. By then, most people would have achieved the greatests trophies they can carry for the rest of their pitiful little lives: Chronic heart diseases, terminal diseases, major diseases, loss of valuable time, living dependently on very little income from investments, living dependently on family, living dependently on McD working full-time..

... and the worst of ALL - lost the DREAM to have lived life to fullest when still young!

To those who choose the "golden age" of retirement (that's the only option available EVEN if have invested in properties or financial investments), then to them - hope the trumpet of selfishness bring joy to their family WHOM they should be thinking about the first place to give unadulterated FREEDOM!

What rattles me is the fact the most mediocre joes think that being a pro labourer (hey, that's what it is - except you get to work in an air-con room with a PC and nice little office outfit..other than that, just a labourer) is living life. I say to them, WAKE UP and SMELL THE YOUR BOSS'S BREATH!

Have a blast!

Great tool for bloggers!

Great news, chums!

Am trying this great tool called w.bloggar designed for easy blogging without the means of using the browser. It simply uses a thin client software, very much something like Messenger username & password screen, to log into your blog site.

Useful tool when i don't want another browser up for just blogging.

Try it! check it out at w.bloggar. Looks like fun from where I am sitting - and easy!

Oh yeah.. and the other thing.. when I minimize it, it hides at systray. Yup, this i must have..

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Time to rebuild

It's totally devastating. The Tsunami has made the front lines for many more days than any other movie star, policitian, crime ever made.

And it's not that it is a spectacular, but because it has made so much destruction to so many live.

It's to time to put aside differences, views, pains - it is time to rebuild and heal. We cannot move until we stand as one.

Many lives destroyed. Many homes washed away. Much more lost. Banda Aceh practically wiped clean. Sri Lanka's coastlines strewn with destruction. Thailand's resort coast destroyed. Penang Island lost lives and many other places with such news.

It's time to forget our selfishness, and to be selfless! If you wish to help, look at South-East Asia Earthquake And Tsunami Blog.

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Hope is but a choice away.

I was reading A Gathering Light by Jennifer Donnelly and found it somewhat inspiring. Well, somewhat since the story line didn't entice me to sit til wee hours of the mornings, yet it is the assurance of hope prevailing kept me going and finally got me satisfied.

It is a story about a farm girl living in 1906 who has lost her mother to cancer and was made to keep a promise, as a request by her dying mom, to take care of her sisters and her pa. By doing so, it meant sacrificing her dreams of being a writer.

Boldly enough, with all the struggles and pain of farm life, of finding love, of finding a legendary poet as a mentor - she MADE a CHOICE. She made a choice to live her dreams so that her life wouldn't be left meaningless by the simplicity and mediocrity farm life left for a girl. She made a choice to live in hope.

It is all about our dreams. It is whether we want to make dreams come true. That's when hope comes true. It is but a choice away. We can choose to live in hope because of the desire to live a life or we can choose to sink into deep trenches of a gray life when we simply choose to make a living. Your call.

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Incredible People!

Can you believe it? Totally incredible!
Michael Schumacher contributed USD10 Million..
Michael & Susan Dell Foundation contributed USD1 Million..
Sandra Bullock contributed USD1 Million..
Bill Gates contributed USD3 Million..

How much can we give? Yeah, some will say it's all about the heart. Well, easy for you to say when you're not at the losing end.

Truth is: we are so darn complacent that we don't strive be PERSONALLY FREE to give really A LOT when they need it! How unfortunate beings have we become!

We must realise that we are created for greatness, and from that greatness to make others live better and achieve greatness.

Thank God for achievers such as Schumacher, Dell, Gates and Bullock who wanted more in life so they could bless others!

Have a blast!

Where is Your Life headed?

Some of us get to the job early and stay late. Some live for vacations and personal days. Others seem to be always on break or out to lunch.

Few people are born with fully formed, innate abilities, but everyone is born with an innate potential that can only be cultivated by desire.
- Bruce Garrabrandt, Author of The Power of Having Desire

So check your life. Are you really at where you want to be? Or simply following the flow of mediocrity?

Have a fantastic 2005! Go for the DREAMS!

Don't Be A Frog In The Well!

Parable of the frog: baby-frog living in well, sees above only sky. Like, very small & dull. POING! Jumps out and see wide & bigger land as far as eye can see- WOWEE! Hops until sees a cow- COWABUNGA! Like,totally amazed, goes back to well & tells mom-frog it seen a very big creature. HUH? Perplexed, Mom-frog very skeptical. Thinking it know better, expands like a BLOATED beer belly to relate to the size. But each time baby-frog says bigger... Until BOOM! Mom-frog goes SPLAT!!

Moral: narrow perspective will always be limited by narrow vision and hindered by stoopid narrow-minded supersized skepticism.

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