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Your Very Oh.. Untypical Day

Last week had been pretty harrowing, emotionally.

Two people whom I knew past away quite painfully. One of cancer, the other of a bad car accident.

The friend who died of cancer, lymphoma specifically, I knew very well. The other, I had the opportunity to chat and know as a casual friend.

Did you know that passing on to the Lord can be a lesson to others? If you had observed and been alert, you would have learnt what I did.

My friend who died of lymphoma happened to be my comrade-in-arms in our crusade towards financial independence. What was sad simply the fact that he didn't do as much to provide for his family thru our business. Fortunately for him, he had a great boss who took care of his medical bills and other expenses. It came to about RM80,000 , I should say.

Yet, in all that, if he had truly fought the fight for freedom, his family wouldn't need to be dependent. Nor would his wife worry about meeting financial needs on one person's salary. She also has to feed their one boy who's 4 yrs old.

I learnt that death comes on unscheduled. And because it doesn't follow yours, it is better to suffer now short-term to gain long-term peace. I want my wife and future kid(s) to be free of any financial woes. I would want my family to have a better lifestyle, though I may not be around. Trust me, it takes more than just what insurance can provide.

I also learnt that it takes a rich man to help the poor man in a greater capacity. Poor people cannot help poor people.

God has given us blessings of abundance, not the curse of scarcity. It was meant to help us live better lives, protect our family, provide future security and to bless others constantly!

Have a blast!


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