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The Unreal World

What's the unreal world?

Let me attempt to explain. Today I met a young couple. A very couple who are yet to be married, around 24yrs of age.

When I showed them the best way ever that they could build a future for their lives, their future generation and a wonderful lifestyle, they weren't interested. They figured they knew about what I wanted to show since they knew some of their family members were trying (fiddling is more like it).

As I have learnt from millionaires that I should never convince them, so I didn't. My response to this couple? "it's okay. it's your choice". Hey, if you want to give your chance to enjoy life, don't waste my time telling me about it!

The young man mentioned that he's not into the kind of business I'm in. He rather save money to invest in stock market to make some money to have it grown to start his own business.

The young man's unreal world:
1. What you make thru your savings or b0nuses can create good quick money from stock market.
2. You can create a good deal of returns from stocks to start a business.
3. Conventional business is better.

That's what the world teaches.

The unreal truth:
1. Investing in stock market to make money is possible. However, to create profitable size returns, one needs to be a serious player - the kind that has plenty of dough lying around. Even if he can grown his little returns into a good amount to start a business, he better be prepared for a very long time while paying the price of selling the soul to the boss or what we call, the 40-40 plan (work 40 hrs a week, for 40 years - still broke).

2. Starting your own business is good. Yet, statistically 9 out 10 businesses fail! There are probably 100 elements that contributes toward that statistic. Most fail in the 1 year, some within 5 years. While waiting, your time AND money is sucked into the business - overheads, cutting losses, non-duplicabe- you're just one person even with employees. No employee will ever treat the company as the business owner does. None will give that much loyalty or passion.

3. In order to invest, you need money. You can make money OR you can create wealth. Wealth is measured in TIME, not DOLLARS. A job cannot give wealth simply because a job doesn't equate TIME.

The unreal world is a facade behind lies and dream-murdering. Never ever let go of your dreams!

Have a blast!


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