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The chaotic World!

Much news about people find it hard to get a job. Worse still, a lot more buy-overs and many people feeling the after effect of empty promises of new managements - joblessness.

The truth - jobs are getting scarce. Since there are a surplus of graduates, employers can pick the best. At one time (during my time - you can guess how ancient I am), people with skills are pretty rare. But nowadays, fresh grads come with all sorts, skills included.

The promise of "study hard, get a good job, get good pay, have security" has long lost its facade. People today want freedom. After all, employment is modern slavery with a twist. People want early retirement, not that of their parents. Time is a precious commodity most young and old people would want to have before it is lost. Even in America, the land of great opportunity, people want early retirement! Freedom is living quality lifestyle minus the slave-driven work!

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