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The Bogusness of Michael Moore

Ever since Michael Moore came out with Stupid White Men, my natural instinct was total disrespect for a man who tries to be a well-informed director. This raise the fahrenheit even more when he produced the Fahrenheit 9/11 docu-film. Deep down inside, such people like this have no moral standings nor intelligent fact finding AND delivery. As with his dressing, Moore is nothing but a rambling hilly-billy.

Get the heat on his movie here at Slate on MSN: Unfairenheit 9/11 -The lies of Michael Moore.

He is the kind of person who will tell you and write about that conversation (and make it into a film) that Free Enterprise is all crap and we all should give up our hard-earned money to support those who don't (not can't) take advantage of a enterprise to earn money and live better! Of course, don't expect him to do such a thing!

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