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The Bogusness of Michael Moore

Ever since Michael Moore came out with Stupid White Men, my natural instinct was total disrespect for a man who tries to be a well-informed director. This raise the fahrenheit even more when he produced the Fahrenheit 9/11 docu-film. Deep down inside, such people like this have no moral standings nor intelligent fact finding AND delivery. As with his dressing, Moore is nothing but a rambling hilly-billy.

Get the heat on his movie here at Slate on MSN: Unfairenheit 9/11 -The lies of Michael Moore.

He is the kind of person who will tell you and write about that conversation (and make it into a film) that Free Enterprise is all crap and we all should give up our hard-earned money to support those who don't (not can't) take advantage of a enterprise to earn money and live better! Of course, don't expect him to do such a thing!

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Bear with me...

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Testing out Blogging via Email

Just to test if this truly works.. then my work is much lifted!

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Pay the PRICE to win the PRIZE!

How often we forget that we ought to pay the PRICE!

Most of the time, we try to figure out the price, rather than to pay it. Thomas Edison paid the price, Abraham Lincoln paid the price, Mahatma Gandhi paid the price, Churchill paid the price - they all WON the PRIZE!

Each of our PRIZES are different - inventions, independence, freedom, values, family, lifestyle and so forth.

What is most important to you? Is TIME important when you know that by slogging hard and fast through your job, you are not adding years to your life? Is MONEY important where spending for the family is not a budgetting affair?

If so, what is the PRIZE of this all? What do you gain by having TIME & MONEY working FOR YOU instead of YOU WORKING for them?

Now, that's one of your PRIZES! Are you determined for win it? If you are, are you doing something about it? Something concrete where it does really matter in a year or two?

When we focus on the price, we tend to analyze it. We tend to focus how the heavy the price is, how inconvenient it would be, how tiring etc. When this is the focus, we have lost the focus of the PRIZE because we do focus on it, we will PAY the PRICE no matter the cost! The PRIZE is what that matters, not the PRICE!

Get it right!

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Much Ado About What?

Well, I finally like the new Blogger.Definitely cool and loads much faster. I like PhotoBlogging as well. The Hello tool is really kewl!

Anyway, wow.. this has been my super-long hiatus. I definitely need to publish my thots here. USB cable to brain anyone? Sure beats typing.

I am also a drummer.. in case you didn't notice. Check out my drums.. am part of a church's praise & worship team!

My drums!
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My goal is to be financially free that I may spend more time drumming professional and setting up a music production ministry for my church.

Like the saying goes, "The poor can't help the poor".

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