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Happy New Year 2005!

In remembrance
Of those who did not live to see 2005 due to the Great Tsunami Tragedy,
we wish all those who had lost loves ones, to those who lost their homes, to those who lost their means to earn --
We are praying for you, and giving whatever we can to aid you! We will strive to make 2005 a year to rebuild, restart. It will be a time of gaining hope and faith.

My friend Daniel.. had a battle with lymphoma - may have lost the physical battle but the won the war of the soul. He's in Heaven where there's no pain nor suffering. Where Angel sing, life is totally beautiful!
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Your Very Oh.. Untypical Day

Last week had been pretty harrowing, emotionally.

Two people whom I knew past away quite painfully. One of cancer, the other of a bad car accident.

The friend who died of cancer, lymphoma specifically, I knew very well. The other, I had the opportunity to chat and know as a casual friend.

Did you know that passing on to the Lord can be a lesson to others? If you had observed and been alert, you would have learnt what I did.

My friend who died of lymphoma happened to be my comrade-in-arms in our crusade towards financial independence. What was sad simply the fact that he didn't do as much to provide for his family thru our business. Fortunately for him, he had a great boss who took care of his medical bills and other expenses. It came to about RM80,000 , I should say.

Yet, in all that, if he had truly fought the fight for freedom, his family wouldn't need to be dependent. Nor would his wife worry about meeting financial needs on one person's salary. She also has to feed their one boy who's 4 yrs old.

I learnt that death comes on unscheduled. And because it doesn't follow yours, it is better to suffer now short-term to gain long-term peace. I want my wife and future kid(s) to be free of any financial woes. I would want my family to have a better lifestyle, though I may not be around. Trust me, it takes more than just what insurance can provide.

I also learnt that it takes a rich man to help the poor man in a greater capacity. Poor people cannot help poor people.

God has given us blessings of abundance, not the curse of scarcity. It was meant to help us live better lives, protect our family, provide future security and to bless others constantly!

Have a blast!

test, test, test, and more test. This is what we will do.

The Unreal World

What's the unreal world?

Let me attempt to explain. Today I met a young couple. A very couple who are yet to be married, around 24yrs of age.

When I showed them the best way ever that they could build a future for their lives, their future generation and a wonderful lifestyle, they weren't interested. They figured they knew about what I wanted to show since they knew some of their family members were trying (fiddling is more like it).

As I have learnt from millionaires that I should never convince them, so I didn't. My response to this couple? "it's okay. it's your choice". Hey, if you want to give your chance to enjoy life, don't waste my time telling me about it!

The young man mentioned that he's not into the kind of business I'm in. He rather save money to invest in stock market to make some money to have it grown to start his own business.

The young man's unreal world:
1. What you make thru your savings or b0nuses can create good quick money from stock market.
2. You can create a good deal of returns from stocks to start a business.
3. Conventional business is better.

That's what the world teaches.

The unreal truth:
1. Investing in stock market to make money is possible. However, to create profitable size returns, one needs to be a serious player - the kind that has plenty of dough lying around. Even if he can grown his little returns into a good amount to start a business, he better be prepared for a very long time while paying the price of selling the soul to the boss or what we call, the 40-40 plan (work 40 hrs a week, for 40 years - still broke).

2. Starting your own business is good. Yet, statistically 9 out 10 businesses fail! There are probably 100 elements that contributes toward that statistic. Most fail in the 1 year, some within 5 years. While waiting, your time AND money is sucked into the business - overheads, cutting losses, non-duplicabe- you're just one person even with employees. No employee will ever treat the company as the business owner does. None will give that much loyalty or passion.

3. In order to invest, you need money. You can make money OR you can create wealth. Wealth is measured in TIME, not DOLLARS. A job cannot give wealth simply because a job doesn't equate TIME.

The unreal world is a facade behind lies and dream-murdering. Never ever let go of your dreams!

Have a blast!

The chaotic World!

Much news about people find it hard to get a job. Worse still, a lot more buy-overs and many people feeling the after effect of empty promises of new managements - joblessness.

The truth - jobs are getting scarce. Since there are a surplus of graduates, employers can pick the best. At one time (during my time - you can guess how ancient I am), people with skills are pretty rare. But nowadays, fresh grads come with all sorts, skills included.

The promise of "study hard, get a good job, get good pay, have security" has long lost its facade. People today want freedom. After all, employment is modern slavery with a twist. People want early retirement, not that of their parents. Time is a precious commodity most young and old people would want to have before it is lost. Even in America, the land of great opportunity, people want early retirement! Freedom is living quality lifestyle minus the slave-driven work!

Have a blast!

The Bogusness of Michael Moore

Ever since Michael Moore came out with Stupid White Men, my natural instinct was total disrespect for a man who tries to be a well-informed director. This raise the fahrenheit even more when he produced the Fahrenheit 9/11 docu-film. Deep down inside, such people like this have no moral standings nor intelligent fact finding AND delivery. As with his dressing, Moore is nothing but a rambling hilly-billy.

Get the heat on his movie here at Slate on MSN: Unfairenheit 9/11 -The lies of Michael Moore.

He is the kind of person who will tell you and write about that conversation (and make it into a film) that Free Enterprise is all crap and we all should give up our hard-earned money to support those who don't (not can't) take advantage of a enterprise to earn money and live better! Of course, don't expect him to do such a thing!

Have a blast!

Bear with me...

Well, whaddaya know! It does work. Hmmm.. just need to see how I can tweak it better..

Testing out Blogging via Email

Just to test if this truly works.. then my work is much lifted!

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Pay the PRICE to win the PRIZE!

How often we forget that we ought to pay the PRICE!

Most of the time, we try to figure out the price, rather than to pay it. Thomas Edison paid the price, Abraham Lincoln paid the price, Mahatma Gandhi paid the price, Churchill paid the price - they all WON the PRIZE!

Each of our PRIZES are different - inventions, independence, freedom, values, family, lifestyle and so forth.

What is most important to you? Is TIME important when you know that by slogging hard and fast through your job, you are not adding years to your life? Is MONEY important where spending for the family is not a budgetting affair?

If so, what is the PRIZE of this all? What do you gain by having TIME & MONEY working FOR YOU instead of YOU WORKING for them?

Now, that's one of your PRIZES! Are you determined for win it? If you are, are you doing something about it? Something concrete where it does really matter in a year or two?

When we focus on the price, we tend to analyze it. We tend to focus how the heavy the price is, how inconvenient it would be, how tiring etc. When this is the focus, we have lost the focus of the PRIZE because we do focus on it, we will PAY the PRICE no matter the cost! The PRIZE is what that matters, not the PRICE!

Get it right!

Have a blast!

Much Ado About What?

Well, I finally like the new Blogger.Definitely cool and loads much faster. I like PhotoBlogging as well. The Hello tool is really kewl!

Anyway, wow.. this has been my super-long hiatus. I definitely need to publish my thots here. USB cable to brain anyone? Sure beats typing.

I am also a drummer.. in case you didn't notice. Check out my drums.. am part of a church's praise & worship team!

My drums!
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My goal is to be financially free that I may spend more time drumming professional and setting up a music production ministry for my church.

Like the saying goes, "The poor can't help the poor".

Have a blast!

After a long hiatus..

Yes.. among slow connection speed and faster connection speed at another location, my business, forgetfulness (esp this), irregularly checking emails and all the neglected duties of a webneck..

Now, however, I am back. This is not just a blog. Not just a journal. But both an account and an experience.

Watch out for more!