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My Career is My Life..

I love what I do. I really do.

I enjoy my morning greetings. And my breakfast. I love setting my mornings right.
I love checking my emails. I love surfing the net. I love my colleagues. Ok, I like my colleagues.

I love what I do. I really do.

I love to work for excellence. I enjoy the challenge of projects. I love praises from my peers.
I love the pat at the back from the Boss. I especially love the bonus and the pay raise.

I love the achievements which shines my portfolios. I love the recognition. I love going up.

I love what I do. I really do.
Do I?

I hate getting up very early. Seems like I never have enough sleep.
I hate having to fight with a million other nutheads in a traffic rush.

I hate office politics. Seems like neverending. Do I really like this?
I hate outbursts from my Boss. Seems like he never appreciates me.
Seems like he's more into his own back than mine.

I hate having pay raise. They increase the income bracket. It's a false illusion of status.
I hate having to slog like a pig to fight for some extra increment and some bonus.
I hate the car payments. I hate the house installments. They never end.
I hate extra bills and every day worrying about tomorrow.
I hate not having financial freedom.

I hate not having time for my family. I hate having to cancel dinner appointments.
I hate rushing from work to have dinner. I hate not being there for my kids.
I hate having my time dictated by my job.
I hate having my lifestyle dictated my salary. Which is from what I do.
From my job.
Controlled by my Boss.
I hate not having time freedom.

My life is dictated by a man. Not myself, another man. I hate this.
I hate not having personal freedom.

Did I say I love what I did?