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Work Smart, Not Slog Hard!

See where slogging hard has gotten most of us. Nowhere.

Bills are mounting. Baby's on the way. Car payment's due. Insurance's due. Boss is pushing for that document. In-laws are in town. Parent's medical bills need to be paid. House renovation just completed. Kid's education fund is due. Job requires to stay up late. Credit card payments seems to be growing. Savings seems speckfully little every month.

Where's the lifestyle? Where's the time? Where are the options to choose what, where, when?

What if by worWORKING SMART for only 6 MONTHS, on your free-time, without compromising what you do today, YOU can have SIGNIFICANT RESIDUAL INCOME that can give YOU options to choose how you live YOUR LIFE?

You decide.

Have a blast!

Thanks but I love what I do

Pretty strong sentiments, I might add, whenever someones tells me that they love what they do. Not that it's not wrong at all. That's not what I am trying to say here. Simply that saying loving what we do is not REASON enough to be a Hero to our loved ones.

Being a HERO simply means working hard for a period of time to win time & money back so that you and your wife can both be fulltime parents to your children without worry of finances. Working hard so that money becomes slaves to us, rather than us becoming slaves to money.

Time & money to spend with our aged parents and to give them the best while they are still alive. Time & money so that we do for others in a far greater capacity so our children can learn from us being model examples and do likewise.

Most people have a one-track mindset. Most people think that simply loving what they do is simply enough to be fulfilled. When life throw's its hardest at you, when you become unable to work, is life then seemingly fulfilled? When someone has to wait on you, to work extra hours to pay your medical bills, is it fulfilling?

Too many people I know, them rich and poor with such mediocre lifestyles, love what they do at their JOBS than yearning to love who they can be and what they can give to their families.

Let me put this forth - No matter we think, we all do it for the money. To illustrate the point graphically, if your salary now was reduced $1000, would you still love what you do? Seriously, folks, don't tell me that it's not for the money. It is always been a big part of your decision making in choosing the job! MONEY!

We disgust at doing extra for additional income because it makes us look like lusting after money. But beneath that speck of dust, blocking our hearts is the log of lies. We work hard day in and day out, the best hours of our lives to someone who won't care a moment for our families, swapping hours for dollars. THAT IS SLAVING FOR MONEY AND LOSING OUR FREEDOM!

So, let's stop fooling ourselves. If we love what we love, does it allow us to be heroes to our families? Remember, it is not loving what we do that will be our legacy, but who we are to our family that will.

You can still do what you love to do. You don't have to stop. Change our mindset that having ongoing income can give us and more importantly, our family, much more options.

As we approach our Independence Day celebration, take this time to ponder. Don't think just of yourself. Think of your FAMILY and others whose lives can be changed by YOU.

Have a blast!