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Diversify Your Expenses

You know how people come up to you and say, "Diversify your Income to create income"? Did you ever realised that you needed extra income to be able to diversify?
And even with that, there are risk elements. Still, the key thing is, you needed extra income to diversify.

According to the Merriem-Webster Online Dictionary, to diversify means
to balance (as an investment portfolio) defensively by dividing funds among securities of different industries or of different classes.

Now, what happens if you could diversify your expenses. For one, nothing. Just money getting out, making someone else rich. Doing what you are doing. Not a thing different about life yesterday. More money out.. miserable.. miserable..

Or for two, perhaps you could "balance defensively" by "dividing funds" that were supposed to be expenses for the purposes of creating multiple sources of income.

What if you could diversify part of your monthly sunken cost (since sunken, no need to fork out extra) into purchasing every day products that are by your very own business? What if everybody (ok, so not everyone wants to extra moolahs) started doing what you were doing by replicating your example (since they too have sunken cost)? You can be a millionaire, that's what!

It's purely business logic. Not some college thesis. How do you think P&G makes billions? Or how do you think Watsons creates millions of buckaroos every month? They simply made you think that buying cheap is good. All they did was to have a big wide mass contributing a little each by purchasing their goods. Of course, the big wide (and dumb) mass haven't learnt that all that beautiful moolah goes to retailer and distributors. The Big Wide Mass (I think I should trademark this) is actually in a big wide mess since little by little, their expenses goes out, no returns comes in.

Just think about it FROM A BUSINESS STANDPOINT! If you could capture the mass by helping a few good ones replicate your easy effort and help them to help others, you soon find yourself a healthy sizeable mass consisting of serious business owners and the serious consumers. Soon, this nice mass replicates their partners have been doing and becomes a big wide mass of WIN-WIN WINNERS!

You must understand that this is not about "using" people for our purpose. If you read carefully you would understand that everyone needs to contribute to their own business franchise (franchise since they replicate your efforts and own 100% their own store that has the same brand as yours). In order to create a big wide mass for yourself, you need to help others create a sizeable mass. And when your gang starts to see how you made sweet bucks, they too will create a big wide mass by simply duplicating what you do AND getting your assistance at the SAME TIME. No way, in any business, can someone make millions $$ consistenly, residually by being self-centered. ALL the TIME, these people fail.

It's business and we are all want to get a better life. But to do it, we need a very huge business with diversified product line that meets the daily needs of an average Joe and Jane. On top of it, to build it consistently, we need a proven wheel to ensure the vehicle runs smoothly.

Are you up to changing your life? Would you be looking to change your income significantly to change your lifestyle significantly without affecting what you do today? Then, why not use your current consuming habits and make it an investment that will generate millions!

It's the simplest things that produces the greatest results oftens baffles complexed minds.

Have a blast!