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SARs And The Vitamin Rush

There's never been such an epidemic since woodstock. No kidding. This fella is so fast and quick, it changes to a new strain quite often. Even as we write (or speak), SARS do not have an effective vaccine yet.

However, today I am not to write about this new craze (if I may call it such since a lot of people have gone somewhat crazy). Today I talk about vitamins. And how SARS have helped it achieve its Trillion mark as predicted by pundits all over including the highest Everest peak. Ok, maybe not a trillion yet.. but mark me words, matey!

Whoa there, puttner. Before you go on buying the whole stockyard of every vitamins available, let me set you into a path of enlightenment. Yes.. that's it, close your eyes (Hmm.. might not work, maybe just keep 'em opened). Ok, the scoop is that vitamins have been sold by the cartload.

Have you heard the latest about Pan Pharmaceuticals in Australia? Click here. In summary :

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has suspended the licence held by Pan Pharmaceuticals Limited of Sydney to manufacture medicines, for a period of six months with effect 28 April 2003, because of serious concerns about the quality and safety of products manufactured by the company.

The suspension follows audits of the company's manufacturing premises, which revealed widespread and serious deficiencies and failures in the company's manufacturing and quality control procedures, including the systematic and deliberate manipulation of quality control test data. The licence has been suspended in order to urgently address the safety and quality concerns posed by the multiple manufacturing breaches. Where the quality of a medicine cannot be certain, neither can the safety or effectiveness of that medicine.

Well, when you buy products at a pharmacy, you pay for cheap affordable products. And why not? You want to save cost and get the best. After all, the products on the shelf should be good, right? Not always.

When you buy health supplements, you pay for the ethics (or lack of) behind the manufacturing. Every pharma company wants to make big bucks out of you. So, rather than own the plant and materials for production, they outsource it to a company just like Pan Pharma. Unfortunately, by doing so, they can't control the quality (most of the time, they aren't interested). So, the product is manufactured and the consumer, you, buy it AND consume it taking for granted two things - Wisdom & Health.

Straight to the point - buy from companies that makes NATURAL FOOD SUPPLEMENTS where they :

1. Own their farms
2. Are recognised for Best Farming methods
3. Use Natural methods of pest control
4. Own their own manufacturing plants
5. Distribute only for their own consumers
6. Are among the largest natural food supplement manufacturers

I can tell you that I am a proud business owner of the world's best. And this incident has only reminded me that I can be safe my with own business' health products AND that it is all the more the reason to do this business. People need quality in what they consume and use.