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When The Boat Rocks

You remember the last time you were in a boat? Remember how you were not used to the slight shifting of the boat from left to right? Have you ever had a time when the boat rocked more than just a slight to a hard rocking? What did you do?

Yeah, I bet you hung on for dear life and kissed the ground when you came ashore. Ok, exaggeration on the kissing on the ground bit but in your head, you would have loved to do it, right? Except if didn't have those yucky dirty grass and dirt all over. Nevertheless, you were very glad to be on solid ground.

Well, my brother's boat rocked on Wednesday. The story goes like this: He had a problem with hearing for a long time now and upon strong insisting from all of us family members, he decided to get a check-up with a specialist. The specialist decided that my brother should have a scan done so as to eliminate any perpetrators. On Wednesday, the results got back. The result: a growth on the auditory nerve in the head. Fortunately enough, the growth is benign and is mid-size. He now awaits another specialist to take a look to give a detail understanding with regards to surgery.

My brother never expected this. Though it is benign it completely overwhelmed him. His sudden thought was of his family - wife and two kids. Although the growth is harmless enough, the prospect of a surgeon's knife in your head, close to your brains, is enough to bring all kinds of thoughts into mind. So was the case with my brother. My brother also realised that he may be a liability to his employee and thus losing his job. No employer, according to him, would want to keep a liability or a to-be liaibility. Truth of it all? It's a fact.

When he was calm enough to talk about it, he said this, "Now, my WHY has come looking for me. All the more I have to get my business done". He was thinking about his family. That incident with him did rock my boat too. What if it happened to me? Am I taking life for granted or am I really doing what it takes? Will my JOB take of my family?

What about you? Are you really thinking about the good of your family or are you looking out just for yourself? A lot of us put off important & urgent tasks such as building a business in our part-time to create financial freedom. We are more comfortable with our jobs. We prefer spending time with the TV or with friends in pubs or perhaps having fun bowling. But most often than not, without realising it, we are merely thinking about ourselves, not our families.

Yes, we trust God with all our hearts that things will work out well. At the same time, God gave us wisdom AND sense to put two and two together.

When you take the "ME" out of the equation, would it be fair to your family? Are you waiting for the boat to rock BEFORE you decide to do anything? My friend, when that happens, you may not be so blessed to be around. Think about that for a moment.