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Taking Me Out Of We

Recently a very good friend of mine travelled about 300km from the North to take part in a skills training programme, meant mainly for the retrenched and unemployed to be re-trained to be absorbed back into the employment market. Since he wanted to pursue a better future than where he was, he decided that it would do him good. His purpose was finding a future for him and his wife (and future family).

Like I said, he travelled 300km from his home in the North region of the country, to spend 14 months to be trained in Tools & Die Making, getting a meagre allowance just enough to scrape by accomodation and dinner. What impressed me most was that he was willing to tear himself away from the love of his life for 14 months so that he can give her a better life.

I shared to him about being involved in a part-time home based business with a group of mentors that are willing to share about how to succeed in life with valuable moral life-changing principles as foundation. He was so impressed and keen since he did realise that a job doesn't really have a future.

What touched me was his willingness to get out of his comfort zone to find an avenue to give the best to his family. When I decided to look at his example, I saw that he remove the "me" from the "we". In the end, he saw his wife. It spurred his heart to do more.

If only all of us would remove the "Me" from the "We", imagine the life's we can change for the better!