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Forward Sensors

A friend of mine recently had a near-tragedy experience. You see, he drives a pickup truck. Just the other day, he was backing out his truck from a parking bay. Since he had to make a reverse in a 'L' shape turn, he had checked the back to make sure no car or people were nearby. As he made the turn, he suddenly heard someone shouting. Turned out, they were shouting at him. As he got off the truck, he discovered that there was an old man underneath the truck.

Fortunately enough, the man did not sustain any major injuries except for a minor cut on the head. My friend theoried (if there's such a word) that the man probably realised the truck coming onto him (he had probably bent to pick something from the road), and floored to the road immediately. Anyway, my friend was relieved that nothing happened to man, save the minor cut. He took the old man to the private clinic and gave him some money.

Right after that incident, he quickly had reverse sensors installed.

What about people today? God has given all of us forward sensors in form of wisdom, logic and knowledge. We don't have to wait for near-tragedies or tragedies to happen before taking action.

Forward sensors:
- What are people doing about their family's future when they know that the job market won't cut it as security?
- What happens when they know that conventional business is hard and risky AND is very much dependent on external forces such as disease outbreaks or wars?
- How do they explain to their families when something happens that they didn't have a back-up plan more than just insurance to allow them to carry on?
- How do they explain to their families and to themselves when money runs their lives into debts?
- How do they explain that they have given up on their dreams?

I truly believe people know all these. Truth is they choose to hide behind a facade. Or, to be ignorant. Or, simply prejudice towards business. Whatever it may be, the problem lies in thinking of themselves more than of others. Just like how people who take the reverse sensors for granted, people today are taking their God-given forward sensing abilities for granted. They have grown to love comfortability than security. Only not realising they are slowly losing grip.

Are we heeding our forward sensors?