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Appreciating Life

To understand the value of a year, ask a student who has failed an exam at the end of the year.
To understand the value of a month, ask a mother who has given birth prematurely.
To understand the value of a week, ask the editor of a weekly.
To understand the value of an hour, ask a young couple in love who are impatiently awaiting to see each other again.
To understand the value of a minute, ask someone who has just missed their train, their bus or their plane.
To understand the value of a second, ask someone who has survived an accident.
To understand the value of a millisecond, ask someone who has just won a silver medal at the Olympic games.

Time waits for no one. Profit from each moment given to you for it is very precious. Share it with a someone close and it will be even more precious.

- Author Unknown

Why not go out of the way today and do something nice to appreciate the person you love? Time indeed waits for no man.

Taking Me Out Of We

Recently a very good friend of mine travelled about 300km from the North to take part in a skills training programme, meant mainly for the retrenched and unemployed to be re-trained to be absorbed back into the employment market. Since he wanted to pursue a better future than where he was, he decided that it would do him good. His purpose was finding a future for him and his wife (and future family).

Like I said, he travelled 300km from his home in the North region of the country, to spend 14 months to be trained in Tools & Die Making, getting a meagre allowance just enough to scrape by accomodation and dinner. What impressed me most was that he was willing to tear himself away from the love of his life for 14 months so that he can give her a better life.

I shared to him about being involved in a part-time home based business with a group of mentors that are willing to share about how to succeed in life with valuable moral life-changing principles as foundation. He was so impressed and keen since he did realise that a job doesn't really have a future.

What touched me was his willingness to get out of his comfort zone to find an avenue to give the best to his family. When I decided to look at his example, I saw that he remove the "me" from the "we". In the end, he saw his wife. It spurred his heart to do more.

If only all of us would remove the "Me" from the "We", imagine the life's we can change for the better!

Prove People Wrong

I have a mission and it's helping people gain control of their lives. Especially in these times!

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do" - Walter Bagehot

When you have a mission, you have a purpose. Many times along the path, you will find many who tells you that it cannot be done. All the more, then, we have to do it. When we do what people say we cannot do, indeed then it becomes a great triumph as we would have done more to help people than those who didn't. Our pleasure is to prove to people that people can be FREE!

Forward Sensors

A friend of mine recently had a near-tragedy experience. You see, he drives a pickup truck. Just the other day, he was backing out his truck from a parking bay. Since he had to make a reverse in a 'L' shape turn, he had checked the back to make sure no car or people were nearby. As he made the turn, he suddenly heard someone shouting. Turned out, they were shouting at him. As he got off the truck, he discovered that there was an old man underneath the truck.

Fortunately enough, the man did not sustain any major injuries except for a minor cut on the head. My friend theoried (if there's such a word) that the man probably realised the truck coming onto him (he had probably bent to pick something from the road), and floored to the road immediately. Anyway, my friend was relieved that nothing happened to man, save the minor cut. He took the old man to the private clinic and gave him some money.

Right after that incident, he quickly had reverse sensors installed.

What about people today? God has given all of us forward sensors in form of wisdom, logic and knowledge. We don't have to wait for near-tragedies or tragedies to happen before taking action.

Forward sensors:
- What are people doing about their family's future when they know that the job market won't cut it as security?
- What happens when they know that conventional business is hard and risky AND is very much dependent on external forces such as disease outbreaks or wars?
- How do they explain to their families when something happens that they didn't have a back-up plan more than just insurance to allow them to carry on?
- How do they explain to their families and to themselves when money runs their lives into debts?
- How do they explain that they have given up on their dreams?

I truly believe people know all these. Truth is they choose to hide behind a facade. Or, to be ignorant. Or, simply prejudice towards business. Whatever it may be, the problem lies in thinking of themselves more than of others. Just like how people who take the reverse sensors for granted, people today are taking their God-given forward sensing abilities for granted. They have grown to love comfortability than security. Only not realising they are slowly losing grip.

Are we heeding our forward sensors?

From the Daily Guideposts

Thought Conditioner No. 10

The kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21

When you are filled with self-doubt, and in the grip of your inferiority complex, don’t give up, saying, “I can’t do it, I haven’t it in me.” You do have a very big “it” within you. You have the Kingdom of God within you.

God has placed in your personality all the ability you need. You have only to believe in yourself, and strength within you will be released.

In saying the text, try it this way, “God’s abundance, peace, and power are within me. I lack for nothing.”

Daily Thoughts

A Time to Think:
Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.
—Edwin Hubbel Chapin

To Act:
Fill your heart with strength and love for each other.

To Pray:
Lord, thank You for the wise words of others that help me be a better person.

[Extracted from Daily Guideposts]

Total Enjoyment

The littlest of things can make the biggest of pleasures.

Like, getting a hair-cut. I felt soooo good today during my hair-cut that I wished I had more hair for my barber to cut. The coordinated use of a shaver, the scissors, the blade, the hand on my head - an orchestra of relaxation in motion.

What Are Dreams?

Simply God's gift to us, as evidence that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, to strive for excellence. Dreams are not puffed up wishes or laziness in a warm bed of grass, but of life more than it is, of being what it should be. Dreams wakes a man's spirit to beat the wind and sun to change his life forever.

God does not make mistakes.

'Leaders care more than others think is wise; they risk more
than others think is safe. They dream more than others think is
practical and they achieve more than others think is possible.'

When The Boat Rocks

You remember the last time you were in a boat? Remember how you were not used to the slight shifting of the boat from left to right? Have you ever had a time when the boat rocked more than just a slight to a hard rocking? What did you do?

Yeah, I bet you hung on for dear life and kissed the ground when you came ashore. Ok, exaggeration on the kissing on the ground bit but in your head, you would have loved to do it, right? Except if didn't have those yucky dirty grass and dirt all over. Nevertheless, you were very glad to be on solid ground.

Well, my brother's boat rocked on Wednesday. The story goes like this: He had a problem with hearing for a long time now and upon strong insisting from all of us family members, he decided to get a check-up with a specialist. The specialist decided that my brother should have a scan done so as to eliminate any perpetrators. On Wednesday, the results got back. The result: a growth on the auditory nerve in the head. Fortunately enough, the growth is benign and is mid-size. He now awaits another specialist to take a look to give a detail understanding with regards to surgery.

My brother never expected this. Though it is benign it completely overwhelmed him. His sudden thought was of his family - wife and two kids. Although the growth is harmless enough, the prospect of a surgeon's knife in your head, close to your brains, is enough to bring all kinds of thoughts into mind. So was the case with my brother. My brother also realised that he may be a liability to his employee and thus losing his job. No employer, according to him, would want to keep a liability or a to-be liaibility. Truth of it all? It's a fact.

When he was calm enough to talk about it, he said this, "Now, my WHY has come looking for me. All the more I have to get my business done". He was thinking about his family. That incident with him did rock my boat too. What if it happened to me? Am I taking life for granted or am I really doing what it takes? Will my JOB take of my family?

What about you? Are you really thinking about the good of your family or are you looking out just for yourself? A lot of us put off important & urgent tasks such as building a business in our part-time to create financial freedom. We are more comfortable with our jobs. We prefer spending time with the TV or with friends in pubs or perhaps having fun bowling. But most often than not, without realising it, we are merely thinking about ourselves, not our families.

Yes, we trust God with all our hearts that things will work out well. At the same time, God gave us wisdom AND sense to put two and two together.

When you take the "ME" out of the equation, would it be fair to your family? Are you waiting for the boat to rock BEFORE you decide to do anything? My friend, when that happens, you may not be so blessed to be around. Think about that for a moment.