Slickdrums Chronicles

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Welcome Winners!

Greetings. My name is Slickdrums.

What I will hope to do is to educate and enlighten readers about finding the right path into Financial & Personal Freedom. I will hope to make this very quick-bite size informaton (or infobites, I call them), enough to digest for a day. I hope to post at least twice a day.

In between, I will probably cover other non-related stuff as well. You know, like why the Oscars are so very biased. Or a little on certain events or people.

Check this site periodically. Since I run my own business, I can't be around 24/7. So I will try 2/1 (twice per day).

Hey, smile. Life's lot more than days just passing by. If you pause just for a while, you are enjoying the moment. Those little moments add up to big changes.