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And It Is All About The WHY

I once grew tired of my nephew's new found joy - the word WHY. Why this? Why that? [It almost made me mentally erase that one particular word.. sheesh]. I retorted silently, "WHY can't you just shut up!". Yup, the joys of being an uncle [why can't I just enjoy the cuteness minus the yapping?].

But the WHY is very important. Ok, perhaps not to the extent of annoyance but an important part our daily lives. For example, WHY we work late. WHY you look forward to that paid leave. WHY you just want to spend an extra 5 minutes more in bed, at 6:00am. WHY I have to work. WHY we hate our bosses. WHY we loves our bosses [especially after that nice pat on the back minus the promise of a raise]. Whys brings us to answers, whichever way you put it, question or statement.

When we began to ask ourselves WHY, we began to seek answers. WHY do we want more than just a 9am-9pm job? WHY do we want to get more of out life than just being a wage earner? WHY shouldn't you want to be more than just a wage earner? Both equally celebrated WHYs in our lives. It is in mine. Those WHYs come on like auto-pilot soon as the jam piles on the highway

It is how from the whinings [in a good whiny way] WHY, "Why is it like this?" or "Why am I slaving away?" we consciously make an effort to turn into looking for answers. Then, you have a goal, a dream, a WHY.

I have worked for 10 years. Ah, just an adolescent in the working world. However, enough exposure to it for me to make a decision. I whined and whined. I then realised that whining isn't going to help. So, I decided to turn those whinings into something useful. That brought about my WHYs :

WHY shouldn't I be a Multi-Millionaire? WHY shouldn't I be debt free? WHY shouldn't I drive cars I love? WHY shouldn't I start giving back to my mom, who slogged for years and supported the 4 of us after my dad passed away? WHY shouldn't I support my church mission work? WHY shouldn't I buy a church building?

With these in my mind, I have now a quest. So, I made a comparison to where I am, and how would I achieve all that through my current pay/wage/salary/income. I concluded I wanted my WHY so badly that my current situation cannot help. So, I need to find a way to get my WHYs done.

You see, your WHY is your LIFE - Dreams, Goals, Aspirations. In finding freedom in your life today. When we have our WHYs, we realise that how the journey is made is not important, as long as it is moral and ethical, it is when we make our journey.

Stop whining. Find your Dreams. Find your WHY.