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My Career is My Life..

I love what I do. I really do.

I enjoy my morning greetings. And my breakfast. I love setting my mornings right.
I love checking my emails. I love surfing the net. I love my colleagues. Ok, I like my colleagues.

I love what I do. I really do.

I love to work for excellence. I enjoy the challenge of projects. I love praises from my peers.
I love the pat at the back from the Boss. I especially love the bonus and the pay raise.

I love the achievements which shines my portfolios. I love the recognition. I love going up.

I love what I do. I really do.
Do I?

I hate getting up very early. Seems like I never have enough sleep.
I hate having to fight with a million other nutheads in a traffic rush.

I hate office politics. Seems like neverending. Do I really like this?
I hate outbursts from my Boss. Seems like he never appreciates me.
Seems like he's more into his own back than mine.

I hate having pay raise. They increase the income bracket. It's a false illusion of status.
I hate having to slog like a pig to fight for some extra increment and some bonus.
I hate the car payments. I hate the house installments. They never end.
I hate extra bills and every day worrying about tomorrow.
I hate not having financial freedom.

I hate not having time for my family. I hate having to cancel dinner appointments.
I hate rushing from work to have dinner. I hate not being there for my kids.
I hate having my time dictated by my job.
I hate having my lifestyle dictated my salary. Which is from what I do.
From my job.
Controlled by my Boss.
I hate not having time freedom.

My life is dictated by a man. Not myself, another man. I hate this.
I hate not having personal freedom.

Did I say I love what I did?

Work Smart, Not Slog Hard!

See where slogging hard has gotten most of us. Nowhere.

Bills are mounting. Baby's on the way. Car payment's due. Insurance's due. Boss is pushing for that document. In-laws are in town. Parent's medical bills need to be paid. House renovation just completed. Kid's education fund is due. Job requires to stay up late. Credit card payments seems to be growing. Savings seems speckfully little every month.

Where's the lifestyle? Where's the time? Where are the options to choose what, where, when?

What if by worWORKING SMART for only 6 MONTHS, on your free-time, without compromising what you do today, YOU can have SIGNIFICANT RESIDUAL INCOME that can give YOU options to choose how you live YOUR LIFE?

You decide.

Have a blast!

Thanks but I love what I do

Pretty strong sentiments, I might add, whenever someones tells me that they love what they do. Not that it's not wrong at all. That's not what I am trying to say here. Simply that saying loving what we do is not REASON enough to be a Hero to our loved ones.

Being a HERO simply means working hard for a period of time to win time & money back so that you and your wife can both be fulltime parents to your children without worry of finances. Working hard so that money becomes slaves to us, rather than us becoming slaves to money.

Time & money to spend with our aged parents and to give them the best while they are still alive. Time & money so that we do for others in a far greater capacity so our children can learn from us being model examples and do likewise.

Most people have a one-track mindset. Most people think that simply loving what they do is simply enough to be fulfilled. When life throw's its hardest at you, when you become unable to work, is life then seemingly fulfilled? When someone has to wait on you, to work extra hours to pay your medical bills, is it fulfilling?

Too many people I know, them rich and poor with such mediocre lifestyles, love what they do at their JOBS than yearning to love who they can be and what they can give to their families.

Let me put this forth - No matter we think, we all do it for the money. To illustrate the point graphically, if your salary now was reduced $1000, would you still love what you do? Seriously, folks, don't tell me that it's not for the money. It is always been a big part of your decision making in choosing the job! MONEY!

We disgust at doing extra for additional income because it makes us look like lusting after money. But beneath that speck of dust, blocking our hearts is the log of lies. We work hard day in and day out, the best hours of our lives to someone who won't care a moment for our families, swapping hours for dollars. THAT IS SLAVING FOR MONEY AND LOSING OUR FREEDOM!

So, let's stop fooling ourselves. If we love what we love, does it allow us to be heroes to our families? Remember, it is not loving what we do that will be our legacy, but who we are to our family that will.

You can still do what you love to do. You don't have to stop. Change our mindset that having ongoing income can give us and more importantly, our family, much more options.

As we approach our Independence Day celebration, take this time to ponder. Don't think just of yourself. Think of your FAMILY and others whose lives can be changed by YOU.

Have a blast!

Diversify Your Expenses

You know how people come up to you and say, "Diversify your Income to create income"? Did you ever realised that you needed extra income to be able to diversify?
And even with that, there are risk elements. Still, the key thing is, you needed extra income to diversify.

According to the Merriem-Webster Online Dictionary, to diversify means
to balance (as an investment portfolio) defensively by dividing funds among securities of different industries or of different classes.

Now, what happens if you could diversify your expenses. For one, nothing. Just money getting out, making someone else rich. Doing what you are doing. Not a thing different about life yesterday. More money out.. miserable.. miserable..

Or for two, perhaps you could "balance defensively" by "dividing funds" that were supposed to be expenses for the purposes of creating multiple sources of income.

What if you could diversify part of your monthly sunken cost (since sunken, no need to fork out extra) into purchasing every day products that are by your very own business? What if everybody (ok, so not everyone wants to extra moolahs) started doing what you were doing by replicating your example (since they too have sunken cost)? You can be a millionaire, that's what!

It's purely business logic. Not some college thesis. How do you think P&G makes billions? Or how do you think Watsons creates millions of buckaroos every month? They simply made you think that buying cheap is good. All they did was to have a big wide mass contributing a little each by purchasing their goods. Of course, the big wide (and dumb) mass haven't learnt that all that beautiful moolah goes to retailer and distributors. The Big Wide Mass (I think I should trademark this) is actually in a big wide mess since little by little, their expenses goes out, no returns comes in.

Just think about it FROM A BUSINESS STANDPOINT! If you could capture the mass by helping a few good ones replicate your easy effort and help them to help others, you soon find yourself a healthy sizeable mass consisting of serious business owners and the serious consumers. Soon, this nice mass replicates their partners have been doing and becomes a big wide mass of WIN-WIN WINNERS!

You must understand that this is not about "using" people for our purpose. If you read carefully you would understand that everyone needs to contribute to their own business franchise (franchise since they replicate your efforts and own 100% their own store that has the same brand as yours). In order to create a big wide mass for yourself, you need to help others create a sizeable mass. And when your gang starts to see how you made sweet bucks, they too will create a big wide mass by simply duplicating what you do AND getting your assistance at the SAME TIME. No way, in any business, can someone make millions $$ consistenly, residually by being self-centered. ALL the TIME, these people fail.

It's business and we are all want to get a better life. But to do it, we need a very huge business with diversified product line that meets the daily needs of an average Joe and Jane. On top of it, to build it consistently, we need a proven wheel to ensure the vehicle runs smoothly.

Are you up to changing your life? Would you be looking to change your income significantly to change your lifestyle significantly without affecting what you do today? Then, why not use your current consuming habits and make it an investment that will generate millions!

It's the simplest things that produces the greatest results oftens baffles complexed minds.

Have a blast!

Is the world stumbling into an economic quagmire?

This is the subject header of an email I received from a friend. Full text below:

Paul Krugman: Is the world stumbling into an economic quagmire?
Paul Krugman NYT
Tuesday, May 27, 2003

The meaning of deflation

PRINCETON, New Jersey Suddenly the d-word is on everyone's lips. The
International Monetary Fund has just released a rather ominous report
titled "Deflation: Determinants, risks and policy options." The report made
headlines by suggesting that Germany is likely to join Japan in the
falling-price club.

Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve, hastened to reassure
Americans that the United States isn't at imminent risk of deflation. But
alert Greenspanologists pointed out that he seemed to hedge his bets, and
the fact that he even felt obliged to discuss the issue showed that he was

Though talk of deflation fills the air, most of that talk is subtly but
significantly off point. The immediate danger isn't deflation per se, it's
the risk that the world's major economies will find themselves trapped in
an economic quagmire. Deflation can be both a symptom of an economy sinking
into the muck, and a reason why it sinks even deeper, but it's usually a
lagging indicator. The crucial question is whether we'll stumble into the
swamp in the first place - and the risks look uncomfortably high.

The particular type of quagmire to worry about has a name: "liquidity
trap." As the IMF report explains, the most important reason to fear deflation is
that it can push an economy into a liquidity trap, or deepen the distress
of an economy already caught in the trap.

Here's how it works, in theory. Ordinarily, deflation - a general fall in
the level of prices - is easy to fight. All the central bank (in America's
case, the Federal Reserve) has to do is print more money, and put it in
the hands of banks. With more cash in hand, banks make more loans, interest
rates fall, the economy perks up and the price level stops falling.

But what if the economy is in such a deep malaise that pushing interest
rates all the way to zero isn't enough to get the economy back to full
employment? Then you're in a liquidity trap: Additional cash pumped into
the economy - added liquidity - sits idle, because there's no point in lending
money out if you don't receive any reward. And monetary policy loses its

Once an economy is caught in such a trap, it's likely to slide into
deflation - and nasty things begin to happen. Falling prices induce people
to postpone their purchases in the expectation that prices will fall
further, depressing demand today. Also, deflation usually means falling
incomes as well as falling prices. In a deflationary economy, a family
that borrows money to buy a house may well find itself having to pay fixed
mortgage payments out of a shrinking paycheck; a business that borrows to
finance investment may well find itself having to pay a fixed interest
bill out of a shrinking cash flow.

When the prices of goods and services are falling, the prices of assets -
such as houses - must eventually follow suit. So a deflationary economy is
one in which, far from being able to extract cash from their houses by
refinancing, consumers find their equity disappearing.

In other words, deflation discourages borrowing and spending, the very
things a depressed economy needs to get going. And when an economy is in a
liquidity trap, the authorities can't offset the depressing effects of
deflation by cutting interest rates. So a vicious circle develops.

Deflation leads to rising unemployment and falling capacity utilization; this puts
more downward pressure on prices and wages; deflation accelerates, which
makes the economy even more depressed. The prospect of such a
"deflationary spiral," rather than the mere prospect of deflation, is what scares the
IMF - and it should.

A decade ago all of these fears might have been dismissed as mere
theoretical speculation. But in Japan the whole nasty scenario is playing
out, just as the theory predicts. And about five years ago I and other
economists began pointing out that what can happen in Japan can happen
elsewhere. (Part of the IMF report draws on my work on the subject.)

So how seriously should we take the risk that something similar will
happen in the world's other major economies? Neither the United States nor
Europe, outside Germany, is likely to experience serious deflation in the next
year or two. But that's the wrong question - and we should bear in mind that
Japan's economic malaise took a long time to turn into all-out deflation.

In fact, it's striking how gradually Japan's catastrophe unfolded. When
the stock bubble of the 1980s burst, Japan's economy didn't fall off a cliff.

By and large the economy continued to grow, if slowly, and the nation didn't
have a severe recession until 1998. But year after year, Japan
underperformed, growing less than its potential. Though the Japanese
government tried to stimulate the economy using the usual tools - deficit
spending, interest rate cuts - it was never enough. By 1995 or so the
economy had slid into a liquidity trap; by the late 1990s it had entered
into a deflationary spiral.

The American situation is strikingly similar in some ways to that of Japan
a decade ago. Like Japan circa 1993 or 1994, the United States is now facing
the aftermath of a huge stock market bubble. Also like Japan, America
faces a problem not of sharp downturn but of persistent underperformance - an
economy that grows, but too slowly to prevent rising unemployment and
falling capacity utilization.

What's different is that America has Japan as a cautionary example. Is
forewarned forearmed?

Whatever reassurances Greenspan may offer, the staff at the Fed is very
worried about a Japanese scenario for the United States - a concern
reflected in their research agenda. In a major study of Japan's experience
published last year, Fed economists reached two key conclusions. First,
Japan could have avoided its current trap if policymakers had been
aggressive enough, soon enough. But by the time they realized the danger,
it was too late. Second, the Japanese weren't stupid: Their relatively
cautious policies in the first half of the 1990s made sense given not only their
own forecasts, but also those of independent analysts. But the forecasts were
wrong - and the Japanese had failed to take out enough insurance against
the possibility that they might be wrong.

The Fed has taken these conclusions to heart: Once the U.S. economy began
to falter, it cut rates early and often, trying to get ahead of the problem.
Those cuts certainly helped moderate the slump; but at this point, with
the overnight interest rate down to 1.25 percent, the Fed has almost run out
of room to cut. (Fed officials believe, for technical reasons, that going
below 0.75 would be counterproductive.) And the economy remains weak.

The Fed still has some tricks up its sleeve. Now would be a very good time
to announce an inflation target. But it's also clear that the Fed could
use some help, at home and abroad. Alas, it's not getting that help.

The Fed's European counterpart, the European Central Bank, has been far
less aggressive in cutting rates. There are economic, institutional and
psychological reasons for this passivity, but the central bank's
immobility is one main reason why Germany seems set to follow in Japan's footsteps.
European governments aren't much help, either. Bound by the "stability
pact," which limits the size of the deficits they are allowed to run, they
have been cutting expenditure and raising taxes even as their economies

The Bush administration is, of course, notably unconcerned about deficits.

Aren't the tax cuts in the pipeline exactly what the economy needs? Alas,
no. Despite their huge size - if you ignore the gimmicks, the latest round
will cost at least $800 billion over the next decade - they pump
relatively little money into the economy now, when it needs it. Moreover, the tax
cuts flow mainly to the very, very affluent - the people least likely to spend
their windfall.

Meanwhile, state and local governments, which are not allowed to run
deficits - America has its own version of the stability pact - are
slashing spending and raising taxes. And both the spending cuts and the tax
increases will fall mainly on the most vulnerable, people who cannot make up the
difference by drawing on existing savings. The result is that the economic
downdraft from state cutbacks (only slightly alleviated by the paltry aid
contained in the new tax bill) will almost certainly be stronger than any
boost from federal tax cuts.

In short, those of us who worry about a Japanese-style quagmire find the
global picture pretty scary. Policymakers are preoccupied with their usual
agendas; outside the Fed, none of them seem to understand what may be at

Of course, it's possible, maybe even likely, that their nonchalance will
be vindicated. Most analysts don't think America will find itself caught in a
liquidity trap. And even the Fed believes - or is that hopes? - that a
surge in business investment will save the day.

But few analysts saw the Japanese quagmire coming either, and there is now
a significant risk that Americans will find themselves similarly trapped.

Even so, America won't have deflation right away. But by the time it does, it
will be very hard to reverse.

Like the Fed, I hope that doesn't happen. But hope is not a plan.

Time Flies..

Time does fly like a breeze. The past 2-3 weeks had been like crazy. My brother had a major op and my uncle passed away. It was crazy planning time to help my brother out and my mom. But it had been worthwhile.

Also in the past week, I have been doing more action than just enjoying leisure. Hey, I realise if I don't, then I am blowing our future away.

Hope you give yours a thought too. Remember, it's not just about you only.

.. plus have fun!

What I share below is an excerpt from the Malaysian daily, The Star. It reveals the secret to being a millionaire. What is not revealed is the specific vehicle. For that, investigate, ask, get facts (and don't rely on just goose-pimples dreaming about getting rich the next month), seek the vehicle that teaches life principles more than just spewing out the dollars.

Network distribution: The new sales channel
by J. Phang

DOWNSIZING, rightsizing, restructuring and destructuring - the past decade has seen companies and even whole industries consolidating themselves to create the right organisational structure that would operate successfully in a highly turbulent business environment.

Trying to become 'lean and mean,' every cost item was put under the microscope. If it could not be done cheaper in-house, companies were ever willing to outsource that particular function. Areas like the preparation of payroll, accounting, customer support, event management, or information technology services were prime functions that were outsourced.

Companies are now looking closely at what their core competencies are, and are focusing on becoming really good in those areas.

Those that continue to pride themselves on being capable of performing all these functions on their own may be doing it out of corporate ego, rather than business expediency.

Even in banking, where information technology is central to operations, some are outsourcing this function. Bumiputra Commerce Bank, for example, has outsourced its computer operations.

Outsourcing would enable banks to concentrate on their core business, which is banking. Coming out with more competitive rates, better financial products and better customer service adds more to the bottomline than maximising computer investment.

Where are the customers
The past few years have seen many manufacturers achieving ISO quality standards that are acceptable globally.

The common problem faced by most businesses now is not in 'producing the product,' but in marketing it. Reaching the consumer is not an easy task for businesses these days.

Modern day consumers are continuously being bombarded with sales through all forms of media: TV commercials, e-mail and spam, SMS, billboards and other conventional print advertisements.

This has led to a 'cocooning' effect on consumers. They withdraw into a protective shell or cocoon to escape the relentless sales bombardment.

The latest threat to businesses is the SARS outbreak, which changed the social habits of the population and emptied the shopping malls of their regular customers.

An effective way to reach customers would be to go back to the warm personal touch of 'relationship marketing.'

Network distribution
Whenever there are turbulent changes, there will also be threats accompanied by great opportunities.

The network marketing industry will be one of those that will directly benefit from these changes. Network marketing is about selling products through established links of personal contacts.

Network marketing - formerly known as multilevel marketing and often mistaken as pyramid schemes by the schemers and the naive - is today emerging as the most powerful method and the most appealing enterprise model in the new economy.

It's an approach to sales so powerful that traditional companies, struggling to find new ways to reach a fragmented market while containing the high costs of fulltime sales forces and national advertising campaigns, are now borrowing network distribution's best features to apply to their operations.

Already a traditional business like CitiBank is using some network marketing platform to increase the use of its credit cards, and some local banks are also beginning to experiment with this powerful sales system.

WWW: Win, win, win
Unlike the traditional retail method of setting up shop and employing staff, network marketing is in essence 'word-of-mouth' marketing. Think of how fast the recent rumours of SARS outbreaks spread through word of mouth and through SMS, and you can better understand the potency of this new method of sales.

Every new product or update is spread through a network of contacts very rapidly - maybe even faster than a sales memo travelling through the bureaucracy of traditional sales departments.

More important is that network members know each other, therefore the trust is already there to complete a business transaction.

The motivating factor in network marketing is where members of the network are rewarded financially for their contribution towards achieving the sale. It is a win-win-win situation all along the value chain.

The overheads that are saved from rental, salaries, and electricity charges are diverted to paying the network marketing team. This creates a highly effective system where there are hardly any operation costs involved.

Moreover the network team brings the products across the country, penetrating market areas that are too small to set up branch offices.

Market intelligence
Knowing market details is getting more important in the area of sales. Many retail chains have already launched some form of loyalty card system to understand their customers better.

This again reflects the unique nature of the knowledge-based economy: It is information that drives sales and the economy.

In the network distribution model, it is normal to find that the very consumers themselves are members of the network team. This will ensure a rapid feedback of consumer preferences back to the manufacturer.

A new role for Malaysia
In a globalised environment, most local manufacturers admit that although they have the quality, they could never compete with China on the cost factor.

China has become the manufacturing backyard of the world, and that is a real threat to us. However, with all its manufacturing capability, how will China market its products to all the niche markets of the world? How well does it understand cultural preferences?

Malaysia could be the marketing backyard of the world - this could be a real opportunity for us.

Network distribution is a powerful sales model for the new economy. However, it is surrounded by misconceptions. It has the structure and characteristics that could suit the K-Economy, but like most things, it is the public mindset that prevents widescale adoption.

Traditional business vs new economy opportunities
Most people have some time or another dreamt of having their own business. The routes that you may take could be:

1) Build your own business - the traditional way.

2) Purchase a franchise business - stop reinventing the wheel.

3) Network marketing business - minimum capital, maximum returns.

A Traditional Business requires the owner to attend to everything - from finance and sales, to human resource management and even cleaning the floor. A traditional entrepreneur require at least some knowledge in all the business functions before he can run the business effectively.

Many of the common problems faced by traditional businesses are employee problems, overhead expenses, regulations and taxes, and economic uncertainties.

A Franchise Business gives an entrepreneur a headstart. All business processes are tried and tested. The whole business model and operation procedures are set. Even the brand name has been established.

All the entrepreneur needs to do is to follow on the heels of success.

However, the capital cost of starting such businesses is even higher when the franchise fee is added onto the investment. At the same time it faces the same common problems as traditional businesses - employee problems, overhead expenses, regulations and taxes, and economic uncertainties.

There are successes in traditional businesses. However entrepreneurs must constantly innovate and be watchful of the changing environment. There are fixed costs to be met and successful entrepreneurs tend to work even longer hours than their employees to maintain success. The business success may even cause the breakup of families and relationships, and stress and health problems.

Alternatives to joblessness
The rapid changes in the business environment have brought about a need for companies to restructure to be more competitive.

Like a retrenched employee once exclaimed, 'Call it what you may: Downsize, rightsize, reengineering, restructure – it still means I am fired.' Many of these retrenched workers will find it more difficult to find new employment because companies will now only retain knowledge workers who are skilful with technology and in many other functional areas.

They will soon discover that they will have to be entrepreneurs to survive, and this is where the organisational structure of a network business will appeal to many.

Network marketing business
The network business model provides the following features that traditional business models do not provide:

·LOW capital cost to start up (Less than RM100 as a Certified Business Owner);

·ZERO overheads, as many network entrepreneurs operate in a mobile manner and use their home as a base;

·PASSIVE income element combined with earned income;

·CULTURE of mutual support groups as opposed to office politics;

·RISK-FREE environment as network entrepreneurs do not carry a heavy fixed cost; and

·TIME freedom as well financial independence.

In the early days, many avoided being associated with the network marketing industry. However. network entrepreneurs will be encouraged to know that the new economy is forcing traditional employees to give the concept of '9 to 5' employment a relook. The shift from traditional workers to knowledge-based workers will marginalise many people. Network entrepreneurs will find more people considering a network-based business.

In the next few years, market forces will reposition the network marketing career as a 'first-choice' option instead of a 'last-choice' alternative.

By Mike Litman

Why should you strive for financial success?

For the money you will receive? For the attention you might garner? What is your reason?

I would like to suggest another reason for you to consider. Recently, I was sitting down with multi-millionaire Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins' original mentor, and he told me what he feels is the best reason to become a millionaire.

He said. 'Set a goal to become a millionaire for what it makes of you to achieve it.'

He went on to tell me about his own mentor.

'Mr. Schoaff had an interesting way of teaching it. When I was 25 years old he said, 'I suggest, Jim, that you set a goal to become a millionaire.' I was all intrigued by that. You know, it's got a nice ring to it--millionaire.'

Then Mr. Shoaff said, 'Here's why.'

'I thought to myself, 'gosh, he doesn't need to teach me why. Wouldn't it be great to have a million dollars?'

Shoaff said, 'No. Then you'll never acquire it. Instead, set a goal to become a millionaire for what it makes of you to achieve it.'

'Do it for the skills you have to learn and the person you have to become. Do it for what you'll end up knowing about the marketplace. What you'll learn about the management of time and working with people. Do it for the ability of discovering how to keep your ego in check--for what you have to learn about being benevolent. Being kind as well as being strong. What you have to learn about society and business and government and taxes and becoming an accomplished person to reach the status
of millionaire.'

'All that you have learned and all that you've become to reach the status of millionaire is what's valuable. Not the million dollars.'

Jim Rohn told me a lot of amazing things in our time together. But, after all of the millionaires I've had the pleasure of interviewing, this lesson really stands out as advice we should all follow.

You need to ask yourself: What kind of communication skills do I need to develop in order to become a millionaire?

Then begin working on them.

Ask yourself: How must I think in order to become a millionaire? Then begin thinking that way.

Ask yourself: What kind of people do I need to associate with so I can achieve my goals faster?

Then strive to become a person those people will want to be around.

None of us can afford to underestimate the value and importance of this reason to become a millionaire.

In other words, the greatest value you'll receive by becoming a millionaire is the person you have to become to make it in the first place. That is the greatest reward of your journey to success.

In fact, Jim Rohn wasn't the only millionaire who helped me to realize the power of this lesson. A couple of years ago, Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author, Jack Canfield gave me the same lesson when I sat down with him.

Jack said, 'It doesn't make a lot of difference to become a millionaire. I've done that many times over and I can tell you that it's nice to have a house and a car that doesn't fall apart and all that.'

'But, what's more important is who did I have to become in order to become a millionaire?'

'I had to learn how to overcome my fears. I had to learn how to talk in front of groups. I had to learn how to plan a speech. All of that was scary. But, when I did it and survived it, I was no longer afraid to do it in the future. Now you can take away my house, my money, my car and everything, and it wouldn't matter. I know how to create more of those things because of who I've become, NOT what I possess.'

What these millionaires taught me is priceless.

The point is you must go after your goals and dreams with a burning desire because you'll begin to see a transformation in yourself. A greater self-confidence and belief in yourself will be the first of many rewards.

Now THAT is what I call the ultimate reason to become a millionaire!

Mike Litman, is the co-author of the #1 International Best-
Seller--Conversations with Millionaires, What Millionaires Do To Get Rich, That You Never Learned About In School! Networking Times Magazine calls Mike Litman a 'modern day Napoleon Hill.'

Created To Be Free

"You do what you are"

That line's from Along Came A Spider, quoted by Morgan Freeman in the show. But it is the essence of why we ought to build freedom in our lives. We were created as free creations belonging to the Most High. We were given rights, thoughts, determination, dreams and aspirations. We were created to be His stewards of all that we see around us.

Unfortunately, we lives our lives as prisoners of a 9-7pm job where our time and money are held hostage by another. Is this your life? Or do you envision having to do whatever you wish, whenever you wish to, however you wish to, with whomever you wish?

Then, Do What You Are. Fight for your FREEDOM!

SARs And The Vitamin Rush

There's never been such an epidemic since woodstock. No kidding. This fella is so fast and quick, it changes to a new strain quite often. Even as we write (or speak), SARS do not have an effective vaccine yet.

However, today I am not to write about this new craze (if I may call it such since a lot of people have gone somewhat crazy). Today I talk about vitamins. And how SARS have helped it achieve its Trillion mark as predicted by pundits all over including the highest Everest peak. Ok, maybe not a trillion yet.. but mark me words, matey!

Whoa there, puttner. Before you go on buying the whole stockyard of every vitamins available, let me set you into a path of enlightenment. Yes.. that's it, close your eyes (Hmm.. might not work, maybe just keep 'em opened). Ok, the scoop is that vitamins have been sold by the cartload.

Have you heard the latest about Pan Pharmaceuticals in Australia? Click here. In summary :

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has suspended the licence held by Pan Pharmaceuticals Limited of Sydney to manufacture medicines, for a period of six months with effect 28 April 2003, because of serious concerns about the quality and safety of products manufactured by the company.

The suspension follows audits of the company's manufacturing premises, which revealed widespread and serious deficiencies and failures in the company's manufacturing and quality control procedures, including the systematic and deliberate manipulation of quality control test data. The licence has been suspended in order to urgently address the safety and quality concerns posed by the multiple manufacturing breaches. Where the quality of a medicine cannot be certain, neither can the safety or effectiveness of that medicine.

Well, when you buy products at a pharmacy, you pay for cheap affordable products. And why not? You want to save cost and get the best. After all, the products on the shelf should be good, right? Not always.

When you buy health supplements, you pay for the ethics (or lack of) behind the manufacturing. Every pharma company wants to make big bucks out of you. So, rather than own the plant and materials for production, they outsource it to a company just like Pan Pharma. Unfortunately, by doing so, they can't control the quality (most of the time, they aren't interested). So, the product is manufactured and the consumer, you, buy it AND consume it taking for granted two things - Wisdom & Health.

Straight to the point - buy from companies that makes NATURAL FOOD SUPPLEMENTS where they :

1. Own their farms
2. Are recognised for Best Farming methods
3. Use Natural methods of pest control
4. Own their own manufacturing plants
5. Distribute only for their own consumers
6. Are among the largest natural food supplement manufacturers

I can tell you that I am a proud business owner of the world's best. And this incident has only reminded me that I can be safe my with own business' health products AND that it is all the more the reason to do this business. People need quality in what they consume and use.

Going To The Top

I am the man
Going place wherever I can
Be the person I am to be
For the world to see

Going to the top
Not making any stops
To achieve my success
For in Him I have been blest
For the world swims
in a river made for wimps
I am gonna beat the flow
And teach others to follow

Success is for me to share
As much as I can bare
To all to see how I've done it
Against mediocrity they will beat

Appreciating Life

To understand the value of a year, ask a student who has failed an exam at the end of the year.
To understand the value of a month, ask a mother who has given birth prematurely.
To understand the value of a week, ask the editor of a weekly.
To understand the value of an hour, ask a young couple in love who are impatiently awaiting to see each other again.
To understand the value of a minute, ask someone who has just missed their train, their bus or their plane.
To understand the value of a second, ask someone who has survived an accident.
To understand the value of a millisecond, ask someone who has just won a silver medal at the Olympic games.

Time waits for no one. Profit from each moment given to you for it is very precious. Share it with a someone close and it will be even more precious.

- Author Unknown

Why not go out of the way today and do something nice to appreciate the person you love? Time indeed waits for no man.

Taking Me Out Of We

Recently a very good friend of mine travelled about 300km from the North to take part in a skills training programme, meant mainly for the retrenched and unemployed to be re-trained to be absorbed back into the employment market. Since he wanted to pursue a better future than where he was, he decided that it would do him good. His purpose was finding a future for him and his wife (and future family).

Like I said, he travelled 300km from his home in the North region of the country, to spend 14 months to be trained in Tools & Die Making, getting a meagre allowance just enough to scrape by accomodation and dinner. What impressed me most was that he was willing to tear himself away from the love of his life for 14 months so that he can give her a better life.

I shared to him about being involved in a part-time home based business with a group of mentors that are willing to share about how to succeed in life with valuable moral life-changing principles as foundation. He was so impressed and keen since he did realise that a job doesn't really have a future.

What touched me was his willingness to get out of his comfort zone to find an avenue to give the best to his family. When I decided to look at his example, I saw that he remove the "me" from the "we". In the end, he saw his wife. It spurred his heart to do more.

If only all of us would remove the "Me" from the "We", imagine the life's we can change for the better!

Prove People Wrong

I have a mission and it's helping people gain control of their lives. Especially in these times!

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do" - Walter Bagehot

When you have a mission, you have a purpose. Many times along the path, you will find many who tells you that it cannot be done. All the more, then, we have to do it. When we do what people say we cannot do, indeed then it becomes a great triumph as we would have done more to help people than those who didn't. Our pleasure is to prove to people that people can be FREE!

Forward Sensors

A friend of mine recently had a near-tragedy experience. You see, he drives a pickup truck. Just the other day, he was backing out his truck from a parking bay. Since he had to make a reverse in a 'L' shape turn, he had checked the back to make sure no car or people were nearby. As he made the turn, he suddenly heard someone shouting. Turned out, they were shouting at him. As he got off the truck, he discovered that there was an old man underneath the truck.

Fortunately enough, the man did not sustain any major injuries except for a minor cut on the head. My friend theoried (if there's such a word) that the man probably realised the truck coming onto him (he had probably bent to pick something from the road), and floored to the road immediately. Anyway, my friend was relieved that nothing happened to man, save the minor cut. He took the old man to the private clinic and gave him some money.

Right after that incident, he quickly had reverse sensors installed.

What about people today? God has given all of us forward sensors in form of wisdom, logic and knowledge. We don't have to wait for near-tragedies or tragedies to happen before taking action.

Forward sensors:
- What are people doing about their family's future when they know that the job market won't cut it as security?
- What happens when they know that conventional business is hard and risky AND is very much dependent on external forces such as disease outbreaks or wars?
- How do they explain to their families when something happens that they didn't have a back-up plan more than just insurance to allow them to carry on?
- How do they explain to their families and to themselves when money runs their lives into debts?
- How do they explain that they have given up on their dreams?

I truly believe people know all these. Truth is they choose to hide behind a facade. Or, to be ignorant. Or, simply prejudice towards business. Whatever it may be, the problem lies in thinking of themselves more than of others. Just like how people who take the reverse sensors for granted, people today are taking their God-given forward sensing abilities for granted. They have grown to love comfortability than security. Only not realising they are slowly losing grip.

Are we heeding our forward sensors?

From the Daily Guideposts

Thought Conditioner No. 10

The kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21

When you are filled with self-doubt, and in the grip of your inferiority complex, don’t give up, saying, “I can’t do it, I haven’t it in me.” You do have a very big “it” within you. You have the Kingdom of God within you.

God has placed in your personality all the ability you need. You have only to believe in yourself, and strength within you will be released.

In saying the text, try it this way, “God’s abundance, peace, and power are within me. I lack for nothing.”

Daily Thoughts

A Time to Think:
Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.
—Edwin Hubbel Chapin

To Act:
Fill your heart with strength and love for each other.

To Pray:
Lord, thank You for the wise words of others that help me be a better person.

[Extracted from Daily Guideposts]

Total Enjoyment

The littlest of things can make the biggest of pleasures.

Like, getting a hair-cut. I felt soooo good today during my hair-cut that I wished I had more hair for my barber to cut. The coordinated use of a shaver, the scissors, the blade, the hand on my head - an orchestra of relaxation in motion.

What Are Dreams?

Simply God's gift to us, as evidence that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, to strive for excellence. Dreams are not puffed up wishes or laziness in a warm bed of grass, but of life more than it is, of being what it should be. Dreams wakes a man's spirit to beat the wind and sun to change his life forever.

God does not make mistakes.

'Leaders care more than others think is wise; they risk more
than others think is safe. They dream more than others think is
practical and they achieve more than others think is possible.'

When The Boat Rocks

You remember the last time you were in a boat? Remember how you were not used to the slight shifting of the boat from left to right? Have you ever had a time when the boat rocked more than just a slight to a hard rocking? What did you do?

Yeah, I bet you hung on for dear life and kissed the ground when you came ashore. Ok, exaggeration on the kissing on the ground bit but in your head, you would have loved to do it, right? Except if didn't have those yucky dirty grass and dirt all over. Nevertheless, you were very glad to be on solid ground.

Well, my brother's boat rocked on Wednesday. The story goes like this: He had a problem with hearing for a long time now and upon strong insisting from all of us family members, he decided to get a check-up with a specialist. The specialist decided that my brother should have a scan done so as to eliminate any perpetrators. On Wednesday, the results got back. The result: a growth on the auditory nerve in the head. Fortunately enough, the growth is benign and is mid-size. He now awaits another specialist to take a look to give a detail understanding with regards to surgery.

My brother never expected this. Though it is benign it completely overwhelmed him. His sudden thought was of his family - wife and two kids. Although the growth is harmless enough, the prospect of a surgeon's knife in your head, close to your brains, is enough to bring all kinds of thoughts into mind. So was the case with my brother. My brother also realised that he may be a liability to his employee and thus losing his job. No employer, according to him, would want to keep a liability or a to-be liaibility. Truth of it all? It's a fact.

When he was calm enough to talk about it, he said this, "Now, my WHY has come looking for me. All the more I have to get my business done". He was thinking about his family. That incident with him did rock my boat too. What if it happened to me? Am I taking life for granted or am I really doing what it takes? Will my JOB take of my family?

What about you? Are you really thinking about the good of your family or are you looking out just for yourself? A lot of us put off important & urgent tasks such as building a business in our part-time to create financial freedom. We are more comfortable with our jobs. We prefer spending time with the TV or with friends in pubs or perhaps having fun bowling. But most often than not, without realising it, we are merely thinking about ourselves, not our families.

Yes, we trust God with all our hearts that things will work out well. At the same time, God gave us wisdom AND sense to put two and two together.

When you take the "ME" out of the equation, would it be fair to your family? Are you waiting for the boat to rock BEFORE you decide to do anything? My friend, when that happens, you may not be so blessed to be around. Think about that for a moment.

So Why Slave Away?

This I asked myself, one fateful morning as I walked toward the tall brown building, housing one of the leading ISPs in the country. I worked as a Consultant, and worked directly with the top brass. Fancy title, fancy space, fancy notebook - minus the pay.

So why am I slaving away, I questioned myself. The answer to that was somewhat shocking yet not. What wasn't shocking was, I needed to bring back the 'bacon', to pay the bills, to take care of the household which meant my wife and me. What rocked me was, the reality of the fact that my whole life's adequacy of control flirted with the definition of a modern slave - an employee.

I hated my travelling time. Spending time on the train is not my idea of a good time. I gagged at the fact that the best hours of my day, from 8am to 6pm, was given to someone whom I didn't want to spend my life with. And I raced back home every day because I have so little time left. Most of it, I just want to recover through sleep. I KNEW that this is NOT, EVER, how my life should be written!

I get pounded for mistakes on the job. I get pounded because some top brass is intending to make money so he doesn't care about market research, team resources, viabilities, cost. Actually, he does care. Just about cost. So long we can hike up the cost, he eventually makes a good sum. Yup, the reality of working for a shark. But in fact, every boss looks out for their own [although not all are greedy]. No one coaches you and mentors you to be greater than he/she in a job. And in a job, you aren't taught to make mistakes and to learn from making mistakes. In fact, you are NOT supposed to make mistakes. In a business, mistakes are essential to making a step towards success.

So why slave away? I realised that while I had to slave for that time being [to cover necessities], I could also dig towards my freedom. The shovel's ready, the map's proven and faultless, what are you waiting for?

The Right Kind of Work

What can be more rewarding than devoting a lifetime of work that will far outlive you, a work that will see future generations come and go? What peace work of this kind brings to a man! What disregard for time and death! What anticipation of eternity!
{Joan Maragall}

And I couldn't agree more. One thing's for sure, such work doesn't fall within the confines of a job. Although the quote could be meant for work of a different kind, I have found it nonetheless apt to describe my business. A business with a mission, a heart.

And It Is All About The WHY

I once grew tired of my nephew's new found joy - the word WHY. Why this? Why that? [It almost made me mentally erase that one particular word.. sheesh]. I retorted silently, "WHY can't you just shut up!". Yup, the joys of being an uncle [why can't I just enjoy the cuteness minus the yapping?].

But the WHY is very important. Ok, perhaps not to the extent of annoyance but an important part our daily lives. For example, WHY we work late. WHY you look forward to that paid leave. WHY you just want to spend an extra 5 minutes more in bed, at 6:00am. WHY I have to work. WHY we hate our bosses. WHY we loves our bosses [especially after that nice pat on the back minus the promise of a raise]. Whys brings us to answers, whichever way you put it, question or statement.

When we began to ask ourselves WHY, we began to seek answers. WHY do we want more than just a 9am-9pm job? WHY do we want to get more of out life than just being a wage earner? WHY shouldn't you want to be more than just a wage earner? Both equally celebrated WHYs in our lives. It is in mine. Those WHYs come on like auto-pilot soon as the jam piles on the highway

It is how from the whinings [in a good whiny way] WHY, "Why is it like this?" or "Why am I slaving away?" we consciously make an effort to turn into looking for answers. Then, you have a goal, a dream, a WHY.

I have worked for 10 years. Ah, just an adolescent in the working world. However, enough exposure to it for me to make a decision. I whined and whined. I then realised that whining isn't going to help. So, I decided to turn those whinings into something useful. That brought about my WHYs :

WHY shouldn't I be a Multi-Millionaire? WHY shouldn't I be debt free? WHY shouldn't I drive cars I love? WHY shouldn't I start giving back to my mom, who slogged for years and supported the 4 of us after my dad passed away? WHY shouldn't I support my church mission work? WHY shouldn't I buy a church building?

With these in my mind, I have now a quest. So, I made a comparison to where I am, and how would I achieve all that through my current pay/wage/salary/income. I concluded I wanted my WHY so badly that my current situation cannot help. So, I need to find a way to get my WHYs done.

You see, your WHY is your LIFE - Dreams, Goals, Aspirations. In finding freedom in your life today. When we have our WHYs, we realise that how the journey is made is not important, as long as it is moral and ethical, it is when we make our journey.

Stop whining. Find your Dreams. Find your WHY.

Be A Freedom Fighter!

Nope, not the anti-war, anti-oppression-by-dictators. It is fighting for human rights, but in a very different way.

Be A Personal Freedom Fighter. Help others to get out of their bondage of job and financial rut by providing an avenue where they can embark to a journey to personal freedom. Do that by keeping your hearts open to understand.

When we help more people to be personally free, so will we help the world change to a better place to live in. A group of people living to touch other lives will impact the world dramatically. Where Arab & Jews are enemies, here they are close buddies. Where skin knows no color. Where the goal is to FREE people from bondage, and to create friendships.

This is where a business strives on helping others before yourself. A business where success achieved when others first are served to achieve success. Impossible? Hogwash? Far from it, dear friends. This is where no war, no racial disgust, no discrimination lives!

My hope and dream is to help as many people to achieve Personal Freedom so they could help others, so together we can change and impact the world economically and positively.

This is the liberation war I'm fighting.

Welcome Winners!

Greetings. My name is Slickdrums.

What I will hope to do is to educate and enlighten readers about finding the right path into Financial & Personal Freedom. I will hope to make this very quick-bite size informaton (or infobites, I call them), enough to digest for a day. I hope to post at least twice a day.

In between, I will probably cover other non-related stuff as well. You know, like why the Oscars are so very biased. Or a little on certain events or people.

Check this site periodically. Since I run my own business, I can't be around 24/7. So I will try 2/1 (twice per day).

Hey, smile. Life's lot more than days just passing by. If you pause just for a while, you are enjoying the moment. Those little moments add up to big changes.